Gotham Arkham: Old Friends

Gotham Arkham: Old Friends

This week’s episode of Gotham, titled Arkham looks to be about the asylum but it is more about old friends. Like Oswald Cobblepot who turns up on Jim Gordon’s doorstep. The episode could also be about human resources being murder…literally. In Gotham, one councilman gets the point and things are heating up for another unfortunate councilman and Fish Mooney proves that she is the hardest talent judge in the world, making Simon Cowell look like Mary Poppins in comparison.

The plot has someone working their way through the city’s councilmen. Although in reality only two are dispatched, one with a type of spear device and another by fire in a bucket. It turns out that the hitman who is murdering local politicos, who are supporting different mob bosses, actually works in human resources by day and becomes a professional hitman by night. As this is Gotham, the cops find out who the pro is pretty quickly and it only cost the cops two carton of cigarettes. The spike killer’s name is Gladwell and he is the city’s human version of a T-1000 sans all the good bits, but with the same sort of determination.

Oswald, the future Penguin, still wants to be Detective Gordon’s main snitch and he is continuing as dishwasher in the Italian restaurant but Cobblepot has definite plans to move up in his little Gotham world. Eyeing the money in the counting room, the wannabe crime lord calls on some old friends to give him a hand. The Arkham Asylum is still number one on the political news in the city and Bruce Wayne, along with Alfred, are not pleased with the announced plans for the facility.

Jim Gordon finds out that Gotham has its fair share of ambiguous relationships when Barbara Keen reveals to her fiance that Detective Montoya was much more than a friend back in the day. When the future commissioner reacts angrily to the news, Barbara wants to know if it is because Montoya is a woman.

At the Italian restaurant, Cobblepot is rewarded for his “heroics” – by “saving” some of the stolen money – and gets promoted to Maitre d’ in place of the one he had his pals shoot during the robbery. Not only does the small-time crook get a new job, but he gets a new suit as well, complete with a purple waistcoat. Fish Mooney runs her own version of Gotham’s Got Talent where she auditions two new singers for her club.

Of course, since the female mobster is the only one voting, when she comes across two equal contestants she holds a unique “tie break.” The two contenders have to fight for the privilege of singing and performing other chores on their backs. In the short battle, blue mascara girl proves that those who wear “kick a**” boots will defeat those who appear to be more than ready to fight. The other competitor whipped her earrings off in record time when Mooney explained what the tie break was, only to be whipped by the booted girl in the short tussle that followed.

Meanwhile, Detective’s Gordon and Bullock have to save the mayor, after Cobblepot snitches to Jim in a very roundabout way that he is the next politico on the list to die. Gladwell, as T-1000 complete with T2 type music, shows up at the official’s house just after Gordon arrives to save the man. A short battle ensues and Gladwell may have some pretty cool music to attack to, but it does not stop him being filled full of bullets from both Jim’s and Harvey’s guns.

By the end of Gotham Asylum old friends are still in evidence or perhaps that should be, are now evidence as Oswald poisons his old buddies who robbed the restaurant with cannoli. This murderous act proves, apart from the fact that Oswald is a homicidal maniac, that in Gotham, one should definitely beware future Penguin’s bearing gifts.

By Michael Smith



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