‘Disney Infinity’ Releases the Incredible Hulk [Video]

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The very successful new video game series by Disney Interactive and Avalanche Studios, Disney Infinity, will release the famous Incredible Hulk as the next figure in the lineup of characters. The Hulk will be the first character released separately since the latest installment Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes’ launch this past September.

Disney Infinity has proven to save Disney Interactive completely, brining in millions upon millions of dollars for the formerly faltering company. The release of the original title in August of 2013 performed very successfully, selling over 3 million copies of the game within the first few months of release. The game’s sequel, Marvel Super Heroes, is already performing very well and is anticipated to outshine the original title.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Disney Infinity makes use of physical vinyl figurines that represent various characters from famous Disney, Pixar and Marvel films and placing them on a base to use as playable avatars within the game. The original release heavily featured characters that are seen in more modern Disney and Pixar films like The Incredibles and Frozen and did not feature any Marvel characters at all. The second installment introduced Marvel icons into the mix with 15 figures available at launch including Captain America, Spider-Man and Star-Lord from the new Guardians of the Galaxy film.

disney infinity
The Incredible Hulk ‘Disney Infinity’ Figure.

The Hulk will make his official debut when launched as a single figure on Oct. 28 at various gaming retailers, but a select few got to take hold of an exclusive Hulk figure at the Disney Infinity sequel’s launch. A collector’s edition of the Marvel Super Heroes rendition of the game was made available to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 owners.

The exclusive version was available as preorder and included a signature display base that can hold up to seven figures at once. The base also features a giant ice beast that players will face as a boss within the game. Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Hawkeye, Captain America and the Incredible Hulk were the figures included within this special package, allowing PlayStation players to grasp the green giant before everyone else.

The Hulk is said to have a great amount strength that surpasses many of the other playable characters – a rather obvious fact for those that have prior knowledge of the Hulk. Another character that will have similar attributes to the muscled maniac is that of the sinister Venom from the Spider-Man franchise. Although the two will have similar fighting styles, their gameplay will be vastly different and stylized in their own light. The Venom figure is available now.

The use of play sets in Disney Infinity is a very intriguing factor. The play sets are mission-based adventures that are partial to a particular franchise from the Marvel, Pixar or Disney worlds. These adventures only allow characters from the particular franchise to play in the designated play sets. The Hulk will of course be playable in the Avengers-themed play set, but is also featured as a playable crossover character in the Spider-Man play set. Hulk is usable in the open-world creation mode of Disney Infinity known as the Toy Box as well.

As stated earlier, the Incredible Hulk will be released as Disney Infinity’s next playable character on Oct. 28. A trailer featuring the Hulk within the game can be viewed below and both Disney Infinity titles are available now for all major gaming consoles.

By Cody Collier

NY Daily News

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