Doctor Who Writers Try to Appease the Oswald Opposition

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Doctor Who writers have tried to appease those who oppose Clara Oswald. The character, who is The Doctor’s assistant, is not liked by everyone. She played a major role in Matt Smith’s final season, playing different characters as Smith’s Doctor tried to work out who she was. However, not everyone likes an assistant taking a center stage in the show.

This season has been no different, and many hoped that actress Jenna Coleman was really going to leave at the end of last week’s episode. However, they were very disappointed to see her take the stage, while Peter Capaldi’s Doctor was stuck in the ever shrinking blue police phone box; really giving a meaning to the name TARDIS.

It appears that there is a large story arc forming around The Doctor’s assistant in this season of Doctor Who. It started with people reaching “heaven” to meet Missy, but at the end of this episode she seems to have orchestrated the whole thing. She wants Clara to do something and is keeping a watchful eye on her. The question is what that is.

The episode as a whole was certainly Doctor Who at its best, as the writers tried to appease the Oswald Opposition. It mixed creepy and mystery together, and had people guessing as they could not see the monsters. There was a feeling of the weeping angels throughout the episode, especially without The Doctor being a consistent presence.

It should not really be that surprising that some of the viewers did not enjoy the episode. Whenever The Doctor has not been a main focus there have been negative reviews. The first episode involving the weeping angels was disappointing for many because it was one where David Tennant was not in much. The creatures soon became a favorite monster for many, and returned in future episodes.

Doctor Who with Capaldi has grown on many. He has brought a new style to the character, and is a breath of fresh air for those who felt Smith simply copied Tennant on Doctor Who. However, the assistant seems to be the main focus for those with negative reviews, and this week’s episode did not appease them. Despite holding her own and being a great Doctor, she was not the person people tuned in to watch.

It does not help that she is treating ex-soldier boyfriend Danny like an idiot. She expects him to believe all the lies and tales that she is telling him. There is also the fact that she has been lying to The Doctor so she can continue travelling with him. It will leave both men in her life feeling resentful and worth little in her life. That has led to some viewers feeling a little less for her character. How could she lie to their Doctor?

Every season since Christopher Eccleston has had a large story arc slowly developing. Some of the arcs have spread over a couple of seasons, such as Amy and Rory before they decided to put down roots and be taken by the weeping angels. This season is no different, with a stranger arc developing around Missy and the possibility that Clara is not going to be the dutiful assistant until the end. This is where some of the animosity towards her character has come from, and why the Doctor Who writers want to appease the Oswald Opposition now.

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