Donald Trump and Russell Brand Twitter Beef Goes Viral

Donald Trump and Russell Brand Twitter Beef Goes Viral

Donald Trump is no stranger to controversy and neither is his opponent. For no obvious reason Trump decided to attack Brand over Twitter after he saw him on late night television. The 68-year-old business guru started a bitter beef with the 39-year-old actor calling him a loser. Trump then slammed Katy Perry for marrying him.

Trump initiated the brawl but Brand quickly accepted the unprovoked challenge. After Trump tweeted that he had seen Brand on an interview and was not at all impressed, Brand fired back with a linked article which read, “In Financial Circles It is Pretty Well Known That Trump is a Deadbeat.” This is when the businessman decided to invite Brand’s ex-wife into the drama.

Trump is commonly referred to as “The Donald.” This nickname was given to him by his first wife Ivana and perpetuated by the media after she referred to him by the name during an interview. He is the father of five children and has been married three times.

Reportedly, Trump’s confrontational nature was noticed in his early teenage years. At the age of 13 his parents decided to remove him from traditional school and send him to the New York Military Academy after a series of disruptive disputes between fellow students and teachers erupted. Trump’s combative personality has led to several public clashes down through the years.

There is no doubt Trump has grown into a successful business tycoon. His father was a very successful New York City real estate developer so the drive for success was adopted in Donald’s early years. While attending college Trump worked at his father’s firm and by 1971 was given complete control over the company. Through business smarts, assertiveness and a lot of hard work Trump turned his father’s company into a hugely successful empire.

Brand is also no stranger to conflict. He has received significant coverage in the media for his controversial behavior. His dismissal from MTV along with his behavior at various awards ceremonies have all enhanced the actor’s media presence. Brand is not shy about his past drug and alcohol addiction and has often incorporated them into his stand-up acts.

In 2004 this English comedian achieved notoriety as the host of the Big Brother spin-off, Big Brother’s Big Mouth. Brand landed his first major role in St. Trinian’s in 2007. He went on to land a major role in the comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek. The actor has also worked as a voice actor is several animated films such as the well-known children’s movie Despicable Me.

Brand and singer Katy Perry met in 2009 and began dating soon after. By the end of 2009, New Year’s Eve to be exact, the two were engaged and ready to spend their lives together. Perry and Brand celebrated their union with a private Hindu wedding in October 2010. The marriage only last 14 months with their divorce finalized in July 2012.

Trump and Brand do not run in the same circles which is the reason Brand’s fans were left wondering what prompted the attack by Trump. Unfortunately, other than the television interview, Trump’s disdain for Brand is unfounded. Neither party has yet to apologize however, due to Brand’s trademark vicious humor some have deemed him the winner.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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  1. Anne Sewell   October 18, 2014 at 2:56 pm

    Maybe Trump saw him putting down the various bigots on Fox News and didn’t like it – is he a conservative? Russell does it so well on his Trews YouTube channel. 🙂


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