Dustin Lynch Hit by Beer Can at Country Music Festival



Country music singer, Dustin Lynch was hit by a beer can at a country music festival where he was performing on Friday evening. While on stage, in the middle of a song, Lynch was struck on the right side of his face when one of the concertgoers hurled a can of beer at him. It hit him just beneath his right eye, cutting a gash in his face.

The instance happened at the country music event Mullet Fest, which was taking place in Niceville, Florida. Lynch was just about to finish up his rendition of Garth Brooks’ well known hit Friends in Low Places. Dustin explained that he was moving along the catwalk when totally out of nowhere, a can of beer came flying through the air. It slammed into his face extremely hard. Lynch, 29 spoke to a news media source and stated that the can was full of beer. He said it struck him with so much force that it felt like a baseball had hit him.

Even though Dustin was not able to catch sight of the person who tossed the can, fans instantly started pointing to the specific individual and a brawl soon resulted. However, the culprit failed to be caught even though he had been pointed out. There was blood flowing out of the wound but Lynch decided to continue on with his show. Dustin said regardless of the incident, they completed their show like they always did; it just happened to be somewhat bloodier this time around.

After the performance was over, the country singer was rushed to a nearby hospital emergency room. Physicians were able to stop the bleeding and Lynch received stitches to close the wound. He later explained this was not something that would cause him to slow down at all.

He went on to say he would use the incident to help promote his brand new single Hell of a Night, in a brand new way. Dustin said the song basically has taken on a new meaning after this event. However, he stated that it was not cool to throw beer cans. He explained that the person who tossed the can at him did something that nearly destroyed a good evening. Lynch stated that the audience was crazy loud and extremely loyal. That was the main reason he wanted to stay and finish up the performance even though he was bleeding. He did not want to leave the stage until he absolutely had to.

Lynch had been the headliner of the country music festival and he showed exactly why he was. He continued to go through with his show even after he was hit with the beer can. He could have been severely injured, but luckily he avoided something that could have been a real tragedy. Dustin’s bodyguards went out into to the crowd when the brawl started up but they failed to locate the individual. However, being the trooper he is, he did not seek medical treatment until the show was over. Lynch refused to let a beer can slow him down.

By Kimberly Ruble

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Photo by Townsquare Media – Flickr License

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