Apple Pay Is Officially a Go

Apple Pay

For months the rumors went on about Apple Inc. working with Radioshack to create a wireless pay system that used the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The media called it the “credit card killer” saying that its presence would make carrying a wallet obsolete. When rumors became official Apple announced their plans for this type of payment system. Now that Apple Pay is officially a go, as the new program will be launched Monday, what do consumers really think about it?

Many concerns have been brought up by consumers over the new form of payment that the company intended to put out. Of course, trying it is what makes up a consumers opinion in the end, so until Monday it will be hard for users to know if they like the product or not. However, the product has not been released yet and it has already seemed to gain much confrontation. Some of the concerns from consumers and businesses, alike, have been voiced through social media, blog posts, etc.

One of the first concerns was security, an obvious concern with technology and all of the credit and debit card information hacks that have occurred over the last year. Just as PayPal is secure, Apple assures all consumers that the security of their cards and information is better off than if they were to carry cards in their wallet. According to the company card numbers will never be able to be seen and making a purchase requires that person’s finger print, which is sensitive to the program so that no one else can access the card to make a purchase. The company also says that neither Apple or the merchant, where one is making the purchase, will ever receive personal information (unlike when they swipe a card and the company gets all of the info).

A major concern when rumors were arising was that iPhone users were worried that merchants would not accept Apple Pay as a form of payment. The company has now put this concern to rest, officially, as they stated that with the introduction of their system on Monday they will also be seeing that over 220,000 stores will host equipment that can process the technology as payment.

One last concern that seemed to be spreading among users who were excited to see the payment system come out, is that the technology would be too hard to use. In this day and age that does not concern many, but Apple assures everyone that even people who are not as familiar with technology could easily use Apple Pay. The company states that a user simply has to insert simple information into the secure program to allow it to connect to the card, position the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus (or even a new iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 3 which will also use the technology) toward the card reader at a store where Apple Pay is accepted and hold their finger on the “Pay with touch I.D.” fingerprint logo. The company says the phone will vibrate and beep when payment is successful. Users can also purchase on the internet, similar to the way other internet purchasing technologies work.

As many consumers wonder if Apple Pay will be as convenient as it is suppose to be, Apple Inc. has been working to provide a secure and simple way to purchase items without having to carry a wallet. Owners of the latest iPhones and iPads can use the technology starting on Monday at any place that has already been equipped with the card terminals that accept Apple Pay. As time continues more retailers will be set up for such technology. Until then, consumers can take a first look at whether they like Apple Pay or not on Monday. The first business that will be set up with the accepting terminals is said to be Radioshack, fitting, as it was their partnership with Apple that started this in the first place.

By Crystal Boulware


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