Ebola Outbreaks Spark More Conspiracy Theories


As the Ebola outbreaks hit the United States it is sparking more and more conspiracy theories and leaving Americans with many questions. One of those questions is why would a supplier of high risk emergency response equipment be told to prepare to go to work in October?  This was brought to light on the Twitter page of a Fire and EMS team. The tweets seem to say that not only did someone in the government know that the virus was indeed coming to the U.S., but they also pinpointed when it was going to happen.

The Fire and EMS team twitter page, is said to have stated, that the Ebola virus was going to slam hospitals and literally leave workers without enough resources to deal with it. A follower of the page, Future Money Trends, asked what they meant by these statements, and were told via twitter that they were told months earlier that they would be called to duty in October. They went on to say that quarantine was in the future of Americans that experience flu symptoms. According to the Global Research website the full exchange on twitter has been saved and archived, and they have the link on their page.

So speculation is that it seems Ebola did not just arrive on the shores of the United States, but was brought here deliberately, as a biological weapon, and that a traitor in the U.S. government is behind the use of the virus as deadly weapon against Americans. To further this argument is the fact that a State Department spokesman, Marie Harf stated in an interview, that the outbreak in Africa has prompted messages to be sent to the Americans in regards to the “Ebola attack”. This raises worries of a terrorist cell unleashing the virus as an act of war. The video of this interview is on the SHTF plan website. It states that everyone should watch it before it is pulled down, presumably by our own government to cover up the slip on behalf the their spokesperson.

EbolaEven more is being found for people to be suspicious of, as a news crew caught a photo of what is allegedly vomit from the Ebola stricken Dallas citizen, Thomas Eric Duncan. It is said that he vomited just prior to leaving the scene via ambulance. This of course only brings up more questions, such as would not all that water dilute and spread the virus?  Why is there a random citizen in this photo? Have these people all been quarantined? Why would a camera crew be sent to cover the cleaning up of vomit? Perhaps the answer to that last question is as simple as, they were out covering another story when they were alerted to the clean up after the removal of yet another Ebola victim.

Ebola is contracted through bodily fluids which is what makes this photo so alarming, if it is true. One cannot spray water on vomit without it splashing around, and these men have no protective clothing on what-so-ever. Whatever the case may be, citizens are getting alarmed and will be demanding answers as to why our government let anyone into the country with this most dreaded of diseases at all.

Opinions by Kristi Cereska

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2 Responses to "Ebola Outbreaks Spark More Conspiracy Theories"

  1. Drake in L.A.   October 27, 2014 at 2:59 am

    I could just as easily create a conspiracy theory that the vomit in that photo doesn’t even belong to the patient and it was created just to generate a conspiracy. I think we can accept that the general public only gets about 1% of the story but that doesn’t mean you can fill in the other 99% with unsubstantiated crap. And conspiracy theorists aren’t motivated by sincere, civic concerns; it’s just loneliness and narcissism that crosses into the pathological.

    The Ebola virus will fall off the headlines in a month or two just like H1N1 and swine flu did. But there will be outbreaks in 5, 10, 15 years and the hysteria will repeat.

    We’re a few weeks away from “Full Black’s” prediction. Let’s see how that pans out.

  2. full black   October 6, 2014 at 2:09 pm

    By the end of November, you will not recognize the USA. Citizens rounded up with just the sniffles, martial law, and soldiers carrying M16s on the streets.


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