Ebola Starts Quarantine in Boston


A patient who had recently been to West Africa was isolated outside a Braintree medical center in Boston Massachusetts early this morning. After reporting headaches and sore muscles, he was isolated in accordance to the new “Ebola protocol.” A patient has already died in Dallas Texas from Ebola. Boston is taking every precaution as they quarantine a patient based on recently started “Ebola protocols.”

The Boston patient, who has yet to be identified, disclosed a recent trip to Liberia. Not wanting to take any chances, public safety officials closed down the Harvard Vanguard Medical Center. After the medical center was closed the patient was removed and put into an ambulance and taken to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Early Sunday morning the medical center was closed off with yellow police tape and fire trucks. The center has since been reopened.

There have been only six cases of the Ebola virus in the United States. With over 3,800 deaths and 8,000 cases of the virus in Western Africa, health officials are doing everything they can to keep the virus from spreading here in the United States.

So far no Americans have died from the disease. The patient that died in Dallas was Liberian, and not diagnosed until he arrived in the U.S.

Ashoka Mukpo, who is a cameraman for NBC news, was diagnosed on Monday with the virus. He is being treated in an Omaha, Neb. facility and is currently in stable condition. An unidentified patient is currently being treated in Atlanta. Three missionaries are also being treated in Atlanta and Nebraska.

Hospitals all across the United States are on high alert. They are asking about any recent travel destinations, but so far there are very few cases of the virus. With the Ebola virus quarantine started in Boston, hospitals are taking extra steps to insure there are no further break outs.

Since the first death related to the virus in the United States in Texas earlier this week, a new victim has tested positive for the deadly virus. A Texas health care worker was treating the Liberian victim and has since been confirmed to have contracted the virus. Her case has sparked an investigation from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to search for more health care workers who may have contracted the virus while treating patients.

The female caregiver was working at a Texas Presbyterian hospital when she contracted the virus. Details have yet to be released, but for now the official word is that there was a “breach of protocol,” and that is what lead to the caregiver contracting the virus.

With nearly 4,000 deaths this year due to Ebola, and one here in the United States, the CDC, hospitals and citizens are all on high alert. In an attempt to keep infected patients from even reaching U.S. soil, New York’s JFK airport became the first in the country to start screening travelers coming anywhere from west Africa.

The start of the quarantine in Boston due to a patient being infected with Ebola will hopefully be the last in the U.S. The patient was just taken into care on Sunday, Oct. 12, so no word on the condition of the patient has been released yet.

By Andy Lapic

Photo by Jason Scragz –Flicker License


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