Ellen DeGeneres Lets Man Propose to His Boyfriend on Stage [Video]


Ellen DeGeneres may just be the most famous advocate of same-sex marriage, and will go to any length to help others, like she did for Benjamin, who came on stage to propose to his boyfriend Justin. It was a touching moment for the audience members to witness the Ft. Meyers couple, profess their love for each other on national television. It was not only touching but very brave for these young men to profess their love so openly in a world that is still not as accepting as it should be. What better place to be brave than the Ellen DeGeneres show!

The talk show host married Portia DeRossi in 2008 and has been an advocate for same-sex marriage and equality for all humans, male or female, for many years. DeGeneres is the face of family values, evidenced by her strong bond with her mother, who is almost always in the audience and frequently in the shows skits. She talks of her brothers children in the way of one proud to be an aunt, and is an animal rights advocate. Many in the media have tried to make her marriage a sham, and her values a missing commodity, to no avail. She stands strong, and is one of America’s most popular and well loved talk show hosts ever.

The Emmy winning host has made it a habit to surprise her guests, and usually it is a gift that she is giving to someone deserving. DeGeneres has surprised struggling single mothers, gifted children, and those that serve this country, with everything from money to cars. This time she takes a back seat as the two men steal the show. The audience and how they react really tells it all, it is a sweet, poignant moment between two people that love each other. Although Benjamin and Justin state that they have only been together a year, they both knew the other was the one they wanted to spend their life with.

Same-sex marriage is a hot topic in America and the world over, with much debate about ethics and what is right and what is wrong. People that debate the validity of the love between two women or two men, must not have ever witnessed the devotion and commitment of these same-sex relationships. One look at the video below, will leave no doubt that the love these two men have for each other is every bit as valid as that of a man and woman. Looking at divorce rates may make many believe that those that step outside of the norm, may be even more committed to a monogamous relationship, as they have to work harder to be accepted.

Fans applaud Ellen DeGeneres for her loving, giving nature, and for allowing them into her world where it is acceptable for a man to propose to his boyfriend. Watch as they take the stage, and the reactions of not only the surprise of the proposal, but the total acceptance by the audience for what they are witnessing.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska

Instinct Magazine

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