Carrie Underwood Will Not Apologize for Song About God [Video]

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Carrie Underwood has a song out called Something in the Water, which is about God and baptism, and although atheists are complaining, this country superstar will not apologize. When talking about her song, she states that it is an uplifting song about how believing in God can improve your life. To those that do not approve, she boldly tells them to turn it off and not listen to it.

Former American Idol winner and unapologetic singer of love, faith and God, made this song to chronicle her journey through adulthood, and that moment when everything was clarified for her. That moment came just after her own baptism and thus, Something in the Water was born. She has captured the hearts of millions with her country music and has amassed an untold number of Christian fans as well. With songs like Jesus, Take the Wheel, she has crept into the hearts and homes of those that pray to God.

This God-fearing, good old country girl can really get the radical atheists to rise up and complain loudly, but she states that she will not be the last to write lyrics about faith and God, and she certainly was not the first. Underwood also states that she will continue writing songs affirming her faith, and her love of God. Underwood hopes that this message of faith will reach those that are in need of it the most. This ballad is beautiful and poignant, and can make those who listen to it feel happy and morally uplifted.

With so many TV shows these radicals could go after, why must they pick on someone who has been an inspiration for millions of young girls, sending out only messages of love and faith. Coming from a small town in Oklahoma, and being picked to go on American Idol at just 22-years-old, she is instilling faith that hard work and good morals can take you far. Yet turning on one’s TV can bring messages of another kind, like Sister Wives, or My Five Wives and even Gypsy Sisters, where faith and morals are nowhere on the agenda. Many would rather listen to music of faith than to have multitudes of sins to enter their homes via the television.

Carrie Underwood is living the American dream and passing on her experiences through her songs. She is the one many parents can only hope their daughters look up to. In these days of pop star drama, like Miley Cyrus and Rhianna, it is refreshing to see a young woman singing about what she believes in and not what kind of partying she is doing.

Fame does not seem to affect this 31-year-old country star as it does so many that make it big in the world of music. She has won six Grammys along with 34 more assorted awards and honors including a nomination for best original song by the Golden Globe Awards. Haters are going to hate, but Underwood is not going to apologize for a song whose lyrics she believes in so deeply.

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