Ellen DeGeneres Releases ‘ellentube’


Ellen DeGeneres, host of the famous daytime talk show, The Ellen Show, recently announced on a segment of the program that she is releasing a new website accompanied with an application called ellentube. The new media will feature family-friendly videos and segments and is available for iOS devices.

The new app will include many of DeGeneres’ favorite moments from her show that have previously been seen only on the host’s YouTube channel. The ellentube site is also said to have full-length segments of episodes that were either posted in different parts on YouTube or not seen at all. These particular videos were previously only seen in full episodes of The Ellen Show whilst on air. ellentube will now give audiences the chance to replay some of their very own favorite moments in-full, even if they missed the live viewing of the show.

Another interesting aspect that DeGeneres has added to the site is the inclusion of fan video uploads. Of course only family-friendly worthy uploads are filtered on through the site and the host stated that the videos go directly to her. This provides an excellent portal for fans of the show to connect directly to the comedian and allow previously unnoticed individuals to be brought forth into the limelight.

The star was very adamant about the fact that ellentube will not contain any racy or crude content as she states in her announcement that one will not have to worry about typing in something incorrectly and pulling something terrible up by mistake. DeGeneres, her staff and her producers have made absolute certainty that the site and app will remain squeaky clean. That is not to be misunderstood as all videos will be childish, it just means that one will feel comfortable watching the material in the company of any individual.

The site is divided up into a multitude of pre-made categories so one does not have to do a blind search to find something they may want to view. The current sections DeGeneres has listed include a home page, an “upload your video” section, cats, kids, funny, incredible, animals, a category featuring DeGeneres’ iOS party game Heads Up!, and a “more categories” section.

In addition to providing a wider outlook for her fans to view her content, DeGeneres has an even deeper motive for creating ellentube in mind. With the large amount of cyber-bullying and hatred displayed on many social media sites, YouTube included, DeGeneres is making a stand to stop such unnecessary actions. In making ellentube available to the public, the talk show host hopes to provide a fun and friendly video-viewing, sharing and uploading outlet that is free of “haters”.

It is refreshing that an individual with such power has a heart that is kind and caring enough to bring a stop to such oppression. DeGeneres’ movement very well may have a great effect as the host has an incredibly large following with over 10 million YouTube subscribers and almost 3 billion views total.

Ellen DeGeneres has released ellentube and it is now a live site and available for download from the Apple iTunes Store. The Ellen Show is currently airing in its twelfth season and clips can be viewed on YouTube in addition to full segments on ellentube.

Opinion by Cody Collier


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