Ellen DeGeneres Used to Live in the ‘Annabelle’ Apartment [Video]


One of America’s most beloved talk show hosts and comedians, Ellen DeGeneres, announced that she used to live in the apartment that the latest horror flick Annabelle was filmed in. DeGeneres also made use of the frightening doll from the film to play many of her famous practical jokes on her staff members.

The comedian stated in a recent segment of her popular daytime talk show, The Ellen Show, that she loves scary movies and plugged the likes of the Annabelle film. DeGeneres continued by saying that while watching the film, she thought something about it was very familiar. Although the film is a prequel to the horror hit The Conjuring that is not the familiarity the host recognized, it was something much more personal.

DeGeneres then confirms that the filming location of Annabelle was actually her very first home that she had when she moved to Los Angeles. The comedian made her usual comedic stamp on the matter by stating that it was scary back then and is evidently still scary now. This is an interesting fact as DeGeneres has rarely spoken of her origins in the entertainment business during her show lately.

One trademark the host is known for on The Ellen Show is her hilarious enjoyment of scaring the living daylights out of people. She will have many members of her staff dress up in ridiculous costumes and catch whatever guest she is interviewing on the air off the guard, often frightening them much to DeGeneres and the audience’s enjoyment. The costumes the comedian dons her staff in usually reflect a type of fear or pet peeve that is partial to the guest she plans to scare.

On a recent episode, one of The Ellen Show’s staff put on a giant spider costume and walked out during the interview of Grammy-winning singer P!nk and gave a big, loud “boo!” while she was telling a story. The singer reacts by retreating into her seat whilst screaming a high-pitched shriek. DeGeneres is, of course, seen splitting her sides and thoroughly enjoying P!nk’s frightful reaction.

On occasion, DeGeneres will take to scaring people herself. The talk show host requested the actual doll that is used in the Annabelle film for her own personal intentions. On yet another recent episode the comedian uses the doll to frighten one of her producers over and over again. The producer is seen getting genuinely angry at DeGeneres as she repeatedly scares him. After multiple screams and few bleeped-out swear words later, the comedian takes to the producer’s assistant who is equally as scared of the doll as her boss. The Ellen Show host is seen cracking up, hardly able to contain her amusement and audiences reciprocate the enjoyment as they watch the playback of the behind-the-scenes video.

The fact that Ellen DeGeneres used to live in the likes of the Annabelle apartment proves the star has come a long way and remains, as always, an inspiration to all. The video clip featuring the scaring of the Ellen Show producer can be viewed below.

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