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Eric Frein, the man wanted for the murder of Corporal Byron Dickson and the wounding of Trooper Alex Douglas, both Pennsylvania State Police troopers, has possibly been spotted in Swiftwater, Penn. An eye witness said she saw a man carrying a rifle that resembled Frein, but was not sure as his face was covered with mud. She was between 20-30 feet in distance from the person investigators are suspecting is the wanted man.

The women was walking by the Pocono Mountain East High School late last night when she said she saw the man by the road. The area is wooded and it was dark. The 31-year-old Frein went to high school at Pocono Mountain and is familiar with the area. He lived eight miles away from the school and has spent his whole life in the area.

On Friday, Sept 12, Frein allegedly went into the Blooming Grove state trooper barracks and shot and injured two state troopers. He has been on the run for 34 days. Lt Col. George Bivens said the manhunt has cost close to $10 million. The search has been mostly on foot. Due to the densely wooded area of the Pocono mountains, aerial views were too difficult but the leaves are starting to fall and airplanes and helicopters have been spotlighting the area.

There is no word whether there was a motive for the shooting. When Frein’s computer was searched evidence was found that he had been planning this for years. It is possible that he built a bunker before he went into the barracks and shot at state troopers. He was know in the area he grew up in to be a home trained survivalist. He father would take him into the woods once a year and he would have to find his own way home.

Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Corbett, said in a news conference, “We will not give up looking for Frein.” He also thanks the local citizens for their continued efforts in the search. Frein is currently on the FBI’s most wanted list. They are offering a reward for a direct connection to his arrest.

Investigators are also looking at blood that was found on the back porches of two homes. An anonymous source close to the case said, “there was no reason to believe the blood was from Frein.” He is assumed unharmed and in motion. Biven also made note that, “Frein may have enough supplies to last him some time in the woods.” It is assumed he has been preparing for this for some time.

State lawmakers are estimating the search is costing around $1 million per week. Gov Corbett said there would be no stopping until he is found. If an emergency is called in this search the national guard would be called in and that would save on using the State Troopers, who are being paid overtime while the search continues.

Despite notes left by Frein and several possible leads on his location, including recent possible sighting by the eye witness, police have not been able to capture him.  As of now he is still missing.

By Paul Sears


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