Criminal Minds Star Arrested at Idaho Comic Con

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Criminal Minds star Nicholas Brendon, who plays Penelope Garcia’s love interest and fellow FBI tech Kevin Lynch, was arrested an Idaho Comic Con this past Friday, after getting into an altercation with staff members employed at the hotel in which the event was taking place. The actor was released on bond a short while after being booked at the Boise Police Department.

Legal authorities told popular gossip website TMZ that the incident occurred at around 10pm, after they had been called to said hotel in order to investigate a witness reported disturbance between Brendon and the hotel employees. Upon their arrival, the 43-year-old reportedly ignored the officers’ instructions to remain seated while they conducted their investigations, a warning he is said to have been given multiple times. TheĀ Criminal MindsĀ star then attempted to leave the premises, at which time he was placed under arrest for the act of resisting and obstructing said arrest, for which he was booked for at the aforementioned police station. Officers present at the incident gave the statement that the California native appeared to be under the influence of alcohol when the altercation took place.

As well as the aforementioned charges, hotel staff also informed Boise PD that the Criminal Minds actor had broken a decorative plate during the conflict, and that they wanted to press charges. The police complied, and subsequently hit Brendon with an additional charge of inflicting malicious injury towards property. The actor’s representative has since given a statement on his client’s behalf, saying that Brendon is intending on issuing an apology towards both the Boise PD and the hotel at which the altercation took place, and that he wants nothing more than to put the incident behind him and carry on with his life without having it continue to affect his career.

This is not the first time since the show took off in 2005 that a Criminal Minds actor has found himself in hot water with the law. In August of last year, lead male Thomas Gibson was placed under arrest after driving while intoxicated through a closed off Los Angeles street during a half-marathon. He was charged with a DUI, and ordered to undergo one year of alcohol education classes following the incident.

A short time later, Gibson fell victim to a cat fishing scheme started by a North Dakota woman, in which she sent him pictures claiming to be an adult film star in order to get his attention. The plan worked, but unfortunately went too far after both the woman and Gibson began falling for each other, which resulted in a hot tub video message recording by Gibson being leaked onto the internet and exposing the situation for what it was. The event turned into one of the bigger scandals of the year, after it was revealed that the video greeting had been recorded while the Criminal Minds actor was still married. Following the leak of the recording, the 52-year-old gave the statement that he and his wife had been separated for over year when he made the video, but that they still remained in the same residence in order to better care for their children.

It remains to be seen if Criminal Minds star Nicholas Brendon will serve any amount of time or probation for the incident that occurred at Idaho’s Comic Con event on Friday night. His representative has not yet released a statement other than the one detailed above.

By Rebecca Grace

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One Response to "Criminal Minds Star Arrested at Idaho Comic Con"

  1. Ana Claudia Monteiro   October 19, 2014 at 5:16 pm

    I think it’s kind of innacurate to say Brendon is a “Criminal Minds” star. We usually put it that way when we refer to the show’s core cast members. Brendon has only a recurring role on the show – and his appearances have become less and less frequent since his character Kevin Lynch and regular character Penelope Garcia have broken up (yet another innacuracy on your text by the way). All of the other sites have reported Brendon as a “Buffy” star/alumn, which was the show that made him famous and where he was part of the core cast. I don’t know, it just sounds weird that you consider Brendon a Criminal Minds star just to pair him up with Thomas Gibson when you refer to people on the show that has had problems with the police.
    Sounds like you’re forcing a hand to create a bit of sensationalism around the show and it came off weird. Other than that, I just feel sorry for Brendon. He seems a nice guy with a serious problem and I hope he seeks proper help.


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