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Evernote is ready to take on email with its latest update. Revealed at its conference on Thursday, the latest update will allow people to communicate in the application itself, rather than having to take to email to transfer files to one another. In other words, it has introduced a type of instant messenger within its program.

The update is called Word Chat, which allows file sharing within the application. A user can choose to send it to anyone else who has Evernote, and will also allow chatting in real-time; something that email still does not allow. There is little interruption to productivity within the office, according to a statement from the company.

However, Phil Libin, CEO, admits that it will not get rid of the need for email completely. It just reduces the “dependency” on it. It cuts down the number of emails that people receive, especially email with attachments that cannot always be checked with mobile data. Libin hopes that emails will reduce from 100 to around 10, but did not mention the timescale for that.

The Work Chat update will be available from November to users. There was no confirmation as of yet whether this will be available to all users or just those with Premium accounts. It is likely that it will be available to all. It will also be available on all Evernote platforms as the update tries to take on email.

Being available on various platforms will mean that syncing is possible. It does not matter where anyone is; they will be able to access the chat and documents. The conversations can be between an individual or a group of people depending on the nature of the chat and documents. Users will also be able to see when something is being read by the recipients to know whether it has been received or not.

Work Chat is not the only update to the application. There is another new feature coming, called Context. This will lookup related news articles and LinkedIn accounts depending on the file that is currently being worked on. The information from the articles can then be highlighted and copied directly into the chat area or application.

A third update is called Scannable, which will be available as an app on its own. It makes scanning documents much easier, especially when on the go. A user can take a photo of any document, and then that is turned into a scanned version. It seems the company is also trying to take on hardware, as more people move to a digital world.

From reports, it appears that the Context and Scannable updates will require an extra cost on Evernote. However, there is no confirmation over this as of yet.

The idea of the updates certainly seem promising, but they could become new annoying features that people refuse to use. They may be introduced to the free accounts first just to see if they will be used first. That may then change if they turn out to be favorites of the system, or not if the Evernote updates fail to take on email.

By Alexandria Ingham


Business Insider

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