‘Evolve’ Alpha Registration Ends Today

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Evolve was originally slated to come out this year, but an alpha test is taking its place for this holiday season. The registration for the test is only a click away for anyone on the Xbox One, Playstation 4 or PC platforms with the inclusion of a code. This game made waves at the yearly E3 gaming expo by showing off the title’s asymmetrical multiplayer system and highlighting teamwork against a massive, increasingly powerful enemy.

The Evolve Big Halloween Alpha, as advertised by developer Turtle Rock Studios and 2K Games, will be taking place over the spooky upcoming weekend on all of the aforementioned platforms. Xbox One users will receive an extra 24 hour period to participate and test the Alpha gameplay beginning Oct. 30 with Playstation 4 and PC users coming into the fray on Oct. 31. Those that pre-ordered the title at a retailer are guaranteed a spot for this event and a link is available in the second link below to follow through with that process. Any that pre-order the game today can still access this event on the same console as the pre-ordered game.

Pre-ordering Evolve has other advantages as well, including some free in-game content for monster hunters. A fourth monster, on top of the three every owner can enjoy, will be given as a bonus free of charge when it becomes available “no questions asked,” says the official website. This beast is advertised as a completely new monster that plays differently than the three included on disc. Pre-order holders will also receive a Savage Goliath skin for their Goliath monster to change into at launch.

Any that have yet to pre-order Evolve will have to register today to give themselves a chance at the upcoming Alpha event. Codes are available across the internet, including in the Evolve link below, that allow for registration on a console of the player’s choosing, as well as referral codes should there be one along with the 17-digit code. To register, follow the second link below to grab a code, then go to the third link to enter all required information including the code, hyphens included. When completed, 2K will send out an email to all that were selected including a download code to enter on respective consoles, making it immediately available for play and test during the three to four day period. Registration ends at midnight Pacific Time tonight.

Evolve has laid waste to the competition at several gaming conventions this year, showcasing what many people consider to be revolutionary gameplay in the multiplayer arena. The Video Game Critics Awards, which is voted upon by a collection of seasoned veterans in the gaming field, named this title as the Best of Show, Best Console Game, Best Action Game and Best Online Multiplayer at E3 this year. 2K Games also touts this are the first title ever to win Best of Show at both E3 and the largest gaming conference in Europe, Gamescom. Evolve, originally slated for release this month, was pushed to a Feb 10, 2015 release date by the developers for quality purposes.

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