Indiana Alleged Serial Killer Possibly Linked to Deaths in Other States

It is believed that Darren Deon Vann, an Indiana alleged serial killer is possibly linked to deaths in other states. However, the investigation goes on in the Hoosier state into the murders of seven women who have been discovered. Law enforcement from the city of Gary used trained canines on Tuesday to look for even more bodies. This was at the same time that federal officials released the claim that they thought there might be more murder victims outside Indiana.

Vann, age 43, took police to the bodies after he was taken into custody on Saturday, due to the murder of a young woman in Hammond. Over the course of 48 hours, both Gary and Hammond police departments working together found the dead bodies of six other females.

Police Chief John Doughty stated that Vann claimed to have murdered many other individuals going back over 20 years. Investigators are concerned that the possible serial killer, who has resided in numerous other states, such as Texas, could also have victims there.

Police detectives and forensics agents were helping in the search. One investigator stated that in his 40 years of working in law enforcement, he had never seen such bloodshed. There was a meeting set for the various Indiana police authorities working on the case for Tuesday afternoon to go over the case in more detail.

They were going to talk about how the FBI could aid them in figuring out Vann’s actions over the years and see where he lived, as well as where he was employed. Law enforcement also planned on discussing if the alleged serial killer owned computers or any other types of devices that might continue information. They want to somehow verify if what Vann has told them could be the truth.

The alleged serial killer is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday. He is charged with murder and robbery in the killing of Afrika Hardy, age 19. Vann being accused of the murders of the other women, who were all discovered in the city of Gary, Indiana, may come soon. Law enforcement is waiting on autopsies and possibly more evidence. Three of the females have not been identified yet.

According to Indiana court documents, Vann has an arrest record. Apparently, he was taken into custody in April of 2004 because he threatened to kill a man who was in a wheelchair. The argument was due to a supposed debt of $7,000 Vann allegedly thought he was owed by an ex-girlfriend, who was then staying with the handicapped man.

Court reports stated that the victim expressed to police he observed Vann coming to his home and he was holding a plastic gas can. The man said he challenged Vann and wanted to know why he was going to burn up his family over a woman.

Vann allegedly told him that if he gave him $7,000, the man could have the woman. The supposed serial killer also reportedly said to the handicapped man that he was carrying dynamite and would blow the man up if he refused to give up the female. When law enforcement arrived at the scene, Vann was reportedly holding a cigarette lighter and acting irrational like he could set himself on fire.

Vann ended up making a deal with prosecution and gave a guilty plea in June of 2004 to a misdemeanor charge. He was given a year of jail as well as a year of probation. However, in September of 2005, the alleged serial killer violated rules of probation and was given another three months in an Indiana jail.

By Kimberly Ruble

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