Father Kills Children and Himself in Florida


A Florida father allegedly killed two of his three children and critically wounded the third early Friday morning, stated Florida State police. David Mohney, age 52, along with his two oldest children, Savanna age 14, and David, age 11, perished in the heartbreaking murder-suicide. His youngest child, daughter Lauren, age 9, was rushed to a nearby children’s hospital in Orlando where she is listed as presently being in critical condition.

It is being reported that Mohney had been in a fight with his wife, Cynthia Mohney, who was an emergency nurse. They were allegedly arguing inside their home, which is located on Jackson Lane in Port Orange, Florida before the father went for his firearm, explained the authorities. Mrs. Mohney, age 48, supposedly ran to the home of a neighbor to try and find both help and safety. Apparently she told the neighbor that her and her husband’s quarrel had gotten out of control and her husband had gotten violent.

Florida police noted that Mrs. Mohney exclaimed that Mr. Mohney had threatened her with his gun. An emergency call came in from the area around 5:12 a.m. and Deputies out of the Sheriff’s Office were sent to the scene. They rushed there and when they arrived, they discovered the father along with his children located inside the house. Mr. Mohney and Savanna were both declared deceased at a medical center in in Daytona Beach.

One source spoke to several different news media sources and explained that Mr. Mohney was a retired military man who had come to Port Orange with his family about seven years ago so he could start studying chiropractic. The small city is located to the south of Daytona Beach. A neighbor, who wanted to remain anonymous, stated that she had never been aware that the couple went through any domestic problems until she heard what happened with the pair early Monday morning. She stated that she was shocked and saddened to hear what the father had done in her neighborhood.

She spoke to several different media sources and said that she had said hello to the family many times. She explained how she often saw them across the fence that divided properties but how people just do not get that close to any neighbors anymore. She also told about how in that specific community, it was one where people remained very private and everyone kept to themselves. No one got close with anyone else.

It was not reported as to which neighbor that Mrs. Mohney ran to in order to get help. However, eyewitnesses stated that animal control was seen removing numerous dogs, that the family owned, away from the property. It also was not reported what happened with Mrs. Mohney. It is unknown if she was taken to the hospital or went to the home of a relative or friend. Her whereabouts are not known at the present time. All this because of the father allegedly killing two of his three children and critically wounded the third one.

By Kimberly Ruble


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