Video Game Playing as Slice of Bread [Video]

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Between the sci-fi shootouts of Destiny and the dark and mischievous plotlines of Assasin’s Creed, games can often seem like a very serious business. Luckily, not all developers have forgotten that, at the core, the medium started as a joyful and fun pastime full of silly premises and wacky gameplay. Bossa Studios has just announced their latest video game I am Bread, which allows the players to take on the role of a slice of bread. Can the gamers help the poor little carbohydrate achieve its dreams?

The teaser video below is a one minute quick look at the gameplay. True to the title, the player will control a single slice of bread as it maneuvers through an apartment, going from the kitchen, through the living rooms, all the way down to the toilet. As the icons on screen indicate, the players should have the ability to control all four corners of the slice in order to awkwardly, yet hilariously, shuffle, roll and slide across the rich and interactive environment. It also reveals the ability to climb walls, move plates and even wield a knife at some point, perhaps to fulfill a variety of objectives or achievements? The player will even be able to ride a skateboard.

As the official description on the Facebook page explains, the video game is a “beautiful story of one slice of bread’s epic and emotional journey as it embarks upon a quest to become toasted.” Clearly, Bossa studios are going for a highly comedic and sarcastic game. Both the simple graphics, wacky gameplay, and the catchy tune presented in the video suggest they hit the mark.

Playing as a slice of bread is not the first video game developed by Bossa which embodies these silly qualities, however. Their previous title, the highly praised and BAFTA-nominated Surgeon Simulator put the players in the shoes of the titular surgeon performing a series of operations. However, the player was only able to move a single arm and the deliberately awkward controls made even the simplest tasks very challenging. Challenging, yet highly amusing. Trying to simply pick up a phone would result in knocking half the items on the table and watching them hilariously fly everywhere. The bloody repercussions of these imprecise movements on a virtual patient were morbidly hysterical.

The studio’s previous video games might have relied less and physics shenanigans, but nonetheless often exuded the same comedic style. Monstermind, for example, is a real-time strategy title on Facebook where the players battle a number of villains and monsters and in a cartoony town. Even their first puzzle-platformer game Twelve featured simple animated graphics, silly sound effects and an amusing narrator.

Bossa’s latest title definitely fits with their pedigree. As Polygon pointed out, it looks like an excellent mix of Katamari Damacy and Octodad, so fans of either series should be on the lookout. Nonetheless, many newcomers might find the title equally charming. After all, what can be more dramatic and engrossing than a video game that lets the player experience the daily challenges and struggles of an unfortunate slice of bread?

By Jakub Kasztalski

Bossa Studios