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FOX News announcer Mike Goldberg angered fans with his game commentary during last week’s Lions-Vikings game, and the fans let him know it on Twitter. Goldberg normally commentates for Ultimate Fighting Championship, and he was making his NFL debut announcing this game. The way he answered them back only made the situation worse. Goldberg acted unprofessionally, calling fans profane names and dropping F-bombs. The tweets are no longer on his Twitter account after he was released from the NFL for his inappropriate actions.

The fans were originally upset because Goldberg made horrible mistakes during the game, things an announcer is supposed to know before he goes on air. He had a hard time pronouncing some of the names, called players and coaches by the wrong names, and was faked out during play-action passes. He could not even get the city right on where they were broadcasting from, saying they were live from St. Paul instead of Minneapolis.

The most obvious mistake FOX News announcer Mike Goldberg made that angered fans was when quarterback Teddy Bridgewater from the Minnesota threw to his receiver Greg Jennings. Goldberg said the intended receiver was Golden Tate, who plays for the Detroit Lions. FOX said that it was an understandable mistake since both players wear the same number 15 jersey. At the same time, the mistake was inexcusable because an announcer should be well-prepared before announcing a game and should know the big name players and what side of the football they are on.

SB Nation’s Sean Yuille voiced his opinions about Sunday’s game on the Pride of Detroit website.  He called the broadcast the worst he had ever seen in his life. He also said that Goldberg had no business whatsoever calling an NFL game, as shown by their constant mistakes. Yuille felt like the announcers were reading from a script full of errors and that they seemed to have no knowledge of either the Detroit Lions or the Minnesota Vikings. He found it incredibly painful to listen to them Sunday. He finished his review saying, “I don’t know how such a large company with such a big stake in the success of its NFL coverage can put out such an awful product, but FOX sunk to a new low on Sunday.”

Goldberg has since apologized on Twitter by saying that he had allowed mean-spirited fans posting on Twitter to get the best of him. He stated that he did not want to be a distraction for the next upcoming game, so it was a mutual decision between him and FOX News to not announce the next game, because it would be the right thing to do professionally. I’m not happy about it personally but, professionally, it’s the right thing after the mistake he made. He finished his apology by thanking FOX and any others who have been supportive and understanding of him. However, FOX News announcer Mike Goldberg will not be announcing any more games any time soon for the National Football League after he angered fans, at least not for FOX Sports now.

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