Hollywood Has Lost All Originality?


With the numerous adaptations of plays, books, video games and historical events into films and television shows, one must wonder if the entertainment business of Hollywood has lost all originality. Not to discredit any of the aforementioned adaptations, as many prove to be very successful and provide quality entertainment to audiences around the world, but the fact that there is lack in untold stories can be considered quite disheartening.

The Twilight saga, The Hunger Games trilogy and the Harry Potter series are among some of the most beloved book-to-film adaptations that have graced the world of Hollywood. Tom Hooper’s Les Misérables and Rob Marshall’s upcoming Into the Woods are examples of well-received stage-to-screen transformations and the likes of Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln and last year’s Oscar winner for best picture, 12 Years a Slave, represent some of history’s most pivotal moments on film. All of these are exquisite works of art that shine brightly in their individual lights, but one must argue that the art of true storytelling in a completely unique way is lacking.

There are undoubtably tons of newfound stories brought forth in Hollywood that receive no production and if they do, the works are often represented on the back burner. This is not due to the lack of efforts by the creators in the industry, it is due, whole-heartedly, to the individuals that run the corporate side of the business. The majority of persons involved in corporate Hollywood are devoid of creativity and seek nothing but dollar signs. True, making a large profit is a very vital and necessary task to excel in the business, but when actions are being made by simply basing trust in a replica of something that has been previously successful and limiting the greater half of the industry to just that is not an appealing quality to have.

It has been stated that if every major corporate official in Hollywood were to be fired and have their assistant take over, the industry would do a complete 180 for the better. Many creative types work their way up in the ranks of Hollywood through placement in a corporate office setting. As these individuals advance in position, more often than not, they lose that drive of originality and become absorbed with money-grubbing hunger along the way. If the people who still possessed that artistic capability were truly in charge of Hollywood, the industry would thrive like it never has before.

Most certainly the corporate officials do well in executing projects full of artistry and amount to great success like HBO’s Game of Thrones or David O. Russell’s Silver Linings Playbook, but even then a creative force undoubtably had to fight very hard to get those projects into production, which were also based off of former works of art. If corporate Hollywood were to take heed of what the creative forces that are truly responsible for the industry’s success, the world would be exposed to a greater sense of artistic entertainment that has previously been unseen in the masses and would prove very beneficial in all aspects of life in the long run.

With the increasing loss of originality in Hollywood, one can only hope that creativity will continue to find a way to shine through the oppression of the corporate world. Life is too short to relive the same experience, a breath of fresh air in the world of entertainment is precisely what the universe needs.

Opinion by Cody Collier

Huffington Post

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