Game of Thrones Deviating From the Books in Season 5? [Spoilers]

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Game of Thrones could be deviating from the books in season five. The news will anger a number of book fans, especially considering the way they were angered when Lady Stoneheart never appeared at the end of the last season.

So far, the HBO series has stayed somewhat true to the novels. There have been some changes in the series. Some of those changes came at the request of the Songs of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin. Others came after the writers decided it was time for a change. Some of the biggest changes included Robb Stark marrying Talisa. She then became pregnant and her and the unborn child were murdered at the Red Wedding, along with Robb and Catelyn Stark.

That change was not too bad for Game of Thrones readers, but they soon became irate at the idea of not bringing back Lady Stoneheart. This is a gruesome, zombie version of Catelyn, who is just out for blood. Co-executive producers Dan Weiss and David Benioff decided that since she had not appeared in the books since the initial appearance it was not worth bringing the character in; at least, not yet.

Now there are substantial changes that could anger a number of those book lovers. A video hit YouTube a few days ago showing Jaime Lannister in Dorne. In books four and five he is actually out with the armies. Season five of Game of Thrones is said to be based on book four, at least, but it appears that the show could be deviating.

There is some benefit to deviating from the books. The main benefit is that the show runners will not need to worry about catching up to the end of book five. So far, Martin has not finished book six, and there are worries that the HBO series will catch up to him. If Game of Thrones does not reach book six before it is released, it will certainly reach book seven.

When that happens, the show will either jump ahead of the book series, disappointing the readers, or it will need to take a long break. The latter will certainly not be an option. Changing the story is the best option the show really has.

Many now want to know how season five could differ from the books. The most surprising change is that Jaime is in Dorne. He never sets foot there in the books, and it could open the story to take some very interesting twists and turns. It could change Tyrion’s storyline, since Jaime helped him to escape.

Another reason for the change is to keep the cast size down. In the books, an insignificant knight that nobody has met yet goes to Dorne. Viewers will want someone they know and have grown to like. This is why Jaime, and reportedly Bronn, are making their way there.

The show is still expected to stick to many of the main storylines from books four and five. One of those is Cersei’s fall from grace. However, there are going to be some major changes. It has led to the question over whether season five of Game of Thrones is going to deviate far from the books.

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  1. Anne Sewell   October 21, 2014 at 3:39 pm

    The Spanish media has been allowed to watch filming of Season 5 in Seville and I bet they are itching to give away spoilers… but of course, they won’t 🙂


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