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Ghostbusters 3 to be Bridesmaids With Ghosts


Ghostbusters 3 to be Bridesmaids With Ghosts

According to filmmaker Paul Feig Ghostbusters 3 is going to be Bridesmaids with ghosts. Of course the Bridesmaids director did not say that exactly, but he did tweet on Twitter that if he needed to call someone who is not afraid of “no ghosts,” it would be a bunch of funny women. Presumably like his cast on the 2011 female comedy, although he could have meant his 2013 film with Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock The Heat except that there are not enough players in that to fill Ghostbusters shoes.

Sony Pictures have confirmed that Feig will be making the third in the Ghostbusters franchise and that he will be co-writing the sequel with his The Heat writer Katie Dippold. Considering that the team of Feig and Dippold made over $229 million, Sony must be over the moon at the prospect of this apparent dream pairing.

When Harold Ramis died this year, the twenty year wait for another sequel to the two 1980’s films looked to become an even longer one. Now it seems that the third film will be a reality but with an all female cast. Ernie Hudson, Winston Zeddmore in the original films, has gone on record to say that in his opinion replacing the characters with women will not work.

Earlier in the year, Feig answered critics who called the idea of Ghostbusters with women a gimmick by saying how odd it was that no one ever levied that charge against all male casts. In terms of popular culture figures being feminized, the move to turn Egon, Venkman, Stantz and Winston into women fits with other gender changes in the world of fiction. Ghostbusters 3 being remade as Bridesmaids with ghosts is certainly no better or worse than turning Thor into a woman, which Marvel have already announced as a new reality to comic book fans.

While Ernie Hudson does not like the idea of a woman filling his Winston role, Bill Murray obviously thinks very highly of women who are not Lucy Liu, specifically Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Emma Stone, and Linda Cardellini whom all have been given the Murray stamp of approval. Of course the St Vincent star just finished working with McCarthy so he has seen her work “up close.” Murray also worked with Stone in the 2009 comedy horror film Zombieland so that could explain at least half of his enthusiasm.

Wiig responded to “Venkman’s” vote of confidence by saying that she would do whatever the Ghostbusters star told her to do. McCarthy revealed that the idea of remaking a “legend” was daunting but that she would love to work with the ladies on Murray’s dream team list. Feig spoke to E! News and explained that since the film would be a reboot instead of a sequel, it could go in any direction at all.

The award winning director said that there are a lot of funny women to choose from in Hollywood and that the idea of an all female Ghostbusters 3, Bridesmaids with ghosts, was exciting to him. If Sony Pictures follows the plan to completely reimagine the original Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd written classic, directed by Ivan Reitman, by following Marvel’s lead and creating new female characters to replace the guys, it may just work and garner a lot of new fans. Would it be too much to ask for Sandra Bullock to be in Ghostbusters 3 as well?

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