Google Says Goodbye to Android Creator


Google is saying goodbye to its Android co-creator Andy Rubin. The developer has chosen to move on from the company, but what does that mean for Android and robotics? The company confirmed the departure on Thursday.

It could potentially push Google back in the development of robotics. Rubin had been head of the robotic effort for a little over a year before deciding to make the switch. His position in the role was part of a large investment for the tech giant. Eight companies were acquired for the move, as it took on the ambitious goal of being the best in the industry.

However, all is not over. James Kuffner is taking over Rubin’s role in the robotics division. Wall Street Journal reported the new promotion first, and there is the possibility that the division will be able to make considerably leaps forward. Kuffner has been working with the division for a number of years now. Four years ago, he developed the cloud robotics idea, among others. He wanted to bring out robots that would use the power of the internet, and would be something that everyone would be able to use.

The problem with cloud-connected robots is the privacy. There are already complaints about privacy violations, including with the standalone search engine.

Whatever happens with Google, it is not going to stop the company saying goodbye to its Android creator. Rubin is walking away to focus on something that he is passionate about. He will be going on to creating incubators for startup businesses, so they can build hardware for technological needs.

He has already made a name for himself for creating companies from nothing, as well as doing something ambitious. The focus has mainly been on the tasks he completed for Google. He built Android from scratch, which was then acquired in 2005. However, his career started in 1986 when he worked with Carl Zeiss AG as a robotics engineer. He then moved onto Microsoft and Apple, before working with his current tech giant.

It was arguably because of Rubin that Android became a true competitor against iOS from Apple. It is now one of the most popular operating systems around the world. Thanks to its open source software, more than 80 percent of smartphones around the world are running on the operating system.

Rubin is certainly looking forward to his future. He has tweeted about how it looks “awesome,” but has refrained from sharing any more. There is no bad blood between him and the tech giant. Larry Page, CEO of Google, released a statement to say that he wished Rubin the best for the future. He was thankful for the work that the developer had done for the company, especially when it came to Android.

This time the move is definitely happening. In 2012, there were rumors that he was moving on from the tech giant to work on another startup business. It turned out that those rumors were false, but Google has now confirmed that it will be saying goodbye to the Android co-creator.

By Alexandria Ingham


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Photo credit: CC-2.0 Yoichiro Akiyama

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