Gotham: When Harvey Was a Hero (Recap/Review)


In this week’s episode of Gotham: The Spirit of the Goat Harvey remembers when he was a hero “back in the day” and the death of Randall Milkie. Viewers learn that when he was much younger Bullock was another version of James Gordon, his new partner. It is only when the two detectives go to talk to Harvey’s old partner that Jim learns of Bullock’s younger “white knight” tendencies. When the two men speak to the wheelchair bound Detective Dix, he tells Gordon to watch out for Harvey as he is a loose cannon and the future commissioner asks who Dix is referring to.

10 years ago, The Spirit of the Goat killed the first born children of Gotham’s elite and it was only after Bullock and Dix cornered the killer, and Harvey shot him six times, that the deaths stopped. The murderer, Randall Milkie, tells Harvey that he can never stop him as the “goat” lives on. Now, a new killer is taking out the oldest children of the city’s richest denizens. Harvey recognises the M.O. and even though he killed Milkie, it looks like the man has come back from the dead.

Oswald Cobblepot stops by to visit his mother and tells her that Jim Gordon is a true friend. Later the future Penguin stops by the precinct to bail his pal out of trouble with Barbara Kean’s old girlfriend Det. Montoya. Before this momentous show of support Harvey has to remember when he was a hero and dredge up the memories of the killer who terrorised the rich of Gotham ten years previously.

At Wayne Manor, Bruce and Alfred are watching the Gotham news and viewers can see just how much the guardian/butler of the young man cares for his charge. In further moments of revelation it is also apparent how much Harvey cares for his old partner, Detective Dix. Barbara also learns just how much her old flame Montoya hates her fiance and the two detectives narrow down their list of suspects to Raymond Earl. Once they have their suspect, the duo go to arrest Earl and in doing so, save the last victim from certain death.

While James Gordon goes home to rest, Harvey realises that Earl is compulsively clenching his fist, a move he has seen before in Randall Milkie and recently in the house of Robert Hastings. Bullock makes a connection and goes to visit Hastings. Before the detective arrives, Selina Kyle visits a sleeping Bruce Wayne and Momma Kapelput learns of Oswald’s new friend.

When Harvey visits Hastings, he is undergoing therapy from Dr Marks, a hypnotherapist who treated both Milkie and Earl. He realises that she is the real “Spirit of the Goat.” Dr. Marks admits to the detective that he is correct and she tells Hastings to kill the policeman. While Harvey and the grieving father fight, Marks walks calmly down the stairs to escape. Bullock overpowers the older man and shoots the doctor in the leg.

Later, at the Gotham police station, Bullock is explaining what happened to Captain Essen when Montoya and her partner bring in Jim Gordon who has been charged with the death of Oswald Cobblepot. Harvey immediately begins a new hero act when he starts “lying” for his partner saying that he did not kill Oswald. As Bullock and Jim begin arguing, the victim comes into the station to get Gordon off the hook. Unfortunately, Harvey is not happy at the recent turn of events. Previews of next week’s episode shows Fish Mooney is not happy at all that Cobblepot is still alive and she is ready to turn Gotham on its head to kill him. Donal Logue continues to shine as Harvey Bullock and Sean Pertwee, considering how little screen time he actually gets, shows depths to Alfred Pennyworth that have only been hinted at before. Producers would be wise to give this accomplished British actor a lot more presence on the show. Gotham airs Mondays on FOX.

By Michael Smith



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