Grey’s Anatomy Mid-Season Finale Date Confirmed

Grey's Anatomy

The mid-season finale date of Grey’s Anatomy has now been confirmed, and it is earlier than last year. It seems that the show is going back to its season eight season set up, which really worked that year.

The show will take its winter break on November 20, with episode eight, Risk. It is an earlier break than most other shows, which are expected to continue into December, and much earlier than its break in season 10. That means there are three more episodes left until the mid-season break of Grey’s Anatomy.

While that seems like bad news, there is a silver lining. It means to accommodate the final 16 episodes of season 11, the show will need to return earlier than it did last year. Season 10 did not come back after the winter hiatus until the end of February. This season it is expected to make a return towards the end of January, which is when season eight returned and had the same break at episode eight for winter.

It may seem like a blow for Grey’s Anatomy fans, though. This week there was no new episode. Fans were left with the bombshell that Callie no longer wanted to work on her marriage to Arizona last week, and will have to wait another week to find out the repercussions from that. They also have to wait another week to find out how Meredith and Maggie are getting along.

With the Grey’s Anatomy mid-season finale date confirmed, next week’s episode synopsis has also been shared. Don’t Let’s Start is the sixth episode of season 11 and will air on November 6. It kicks off from where the previous episode finished, with the breakup and the outcome of that for Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Sneak peeks into the episode show that there is some tension still between Meredith and Maggie. While Maggie was able to read Ellis Grey’s journals, she is still calling Meredith “Dr. Grey.” “That’s my name,” Meredith tells Derek, but there is clearly some other reasoning behind that. It seems that Meredith does not want to get close to another half-sibling, and maybe the thoughts of the plane crash and the death of Lexie is still playing on her mind. It did take time for Meredith to take to Lexie, so a relationship with Maggie is not going to happen overnight.

The episode synopsis for episode seven, Can We Start Again, Please?, has also been shared. That week seems to focus on Amelia Shepherd and it seems like her drug addiction past is going to come back to haunt her. There are still questions around her move from L.A. to Seattle, which may also be answered during the episode.

Season 11 is very Meredith centric, which is something that Shona Rhimes promised during the summer break. However, there are still other characters to focus on now and then. Each one seems to get his or her own episode now and then. Fans will have to wait to see when others will get their needed episodes, since the mid-season break for Grey’s Anatomy now has the confirmed date of November 20.

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