Has Supernatural Blown It Bringing Dean Back After Just Three Episodes?


Has Supernatural blown it after bringing Dean back from being a demon just three episodes into its 10th season? Demon Dean was a character that many fans were excited to see, and the season nine finale set it up for a huge story arc around the character.

Many fans were left disappointed after Soul Survivor. All they wanted to know was why set up for an epic showdown just to have Dean saved so quickly? What was the point in the major cliffhanger of season nine? Supernatural continued with letting some fans down when Dean seemed to be back to normal, wanting to help others.

Some fans have gone so far to suggest that Dean is worse for the transformation. He acted like a jerk during the episode, continually blaming Sam for all the deaths that occurred. Sam convinced an innocent man to sell his soul, which ended up being the man that Dean killed as a demon. Both brothers blame each other, and it takes the whole episode for the older Winchester to finally thank his brother for “saving” him.

The question is whether Dean is really saved. Those who really know the show and have followed it from day one know that the writers always have something up their sleeves. Chances are that Supernatural has not blown it by bringing Dean back after just three episodes. This is the chance to see whether Dean and Sam can mend their relationship after such a terrible ordeal.

Two things that this week’s episode Paper Moon did not touch on were Crowley and Castiel. Neither showed up during the episode at all, hinting that there are stories that still need to be told.

Right now, Crowley has the knife that goes with Dean’s Mark of Cain. While he says he is going to get rid of it, chances are that he will keep it considering his previous decisions on Supernatural. Is he waiting for Dean to miss a kill that he needs, so that he turns into a full demon? Could it be that he really wants that older Winchester on his side in Hell, ruling the whole place?

It is also possible that Dean still has some of the demon inside of him. He did not want to take a break, but did it for Sam. He needs to get back out there. After questioning whether he was ready for it, Sam learns that Dean wants to make up for the bad he did as Demon Dean. However, there are chances that he wants to get straight back into it so that he can kill. He still knows the consequences of not killing, and he has not shared that with Sam yet. What will Sam think when he learns about his brother’s urges and needs.

There are still at least 18 episodes of the season left, if the show sticks to a 22-episode season. If the past couple of seasons are anything to go by, it could have a 23-episode season planned. Either way, there are still plenty of episodes for the writers to toy with the idea of bring Demon Dean back, and pushing the brothers’ relationship to breaking point. Supernatural may not have totally blown it by bringing Dean back after just three episodes.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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11 Responses to "Has Supernatural Blown It Bringing Dean Back After Just Three Episodes?"

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  2. Sara   November 3, 2014 at 8:57 am

    “Some fans have gone so far to suggest that Dean is worse for the transformation. He acted like a jerk during the episode, continually blaming Sam for all the deaths that occurred. Sam convinced an innocent man to sell his soul, which ended up being the man that Dean killed as a demon. Both brothers blame each other, and it takes the whole episode for the older Winchester to finally thank his brother for “saving” him.”

    Sam has been a jerk for two entire seasons and no one has called HIM out on any of it yet, and he hasn’t seemed the least bit introspective about being wrong about anything, but in this episode we got Dean saying that HE was tried of feeling like everything he’s done has been wrong. Is Sam ever going to admit that he’s been wrong also and many times of late? Wrong to disown Dean, and especially wrong, wrong, WRONG! for what he said to Dean in The Purge and even for his part in what happened to Martin and Benny in S8? Oe is Sam just going to skate w/o manning up to what he’s said and done-again and some more, as so often happens on this show. DemonDean had that right, IMO. I’d love to see him back. I’ll agree with you there. They took him from us much too soon.

  3. Tracy   November 1, 2014 at 5:46 pm

    I love this show! That is the first and most important thing. My daughter and I have watched every episode it least twice. I hope this show continues for some time. As a fan this is my opinion on the subject. I don’t think the whole storyline of Demon Dean has played out just yet. There’s still the mark, all the things that he did and let’s not FORGET the promise from Caine himself to be CALLING Dean! Done or not I love Deans character!
    As for Sam… I personally am sick to death of his poor me attitude! Dean has sacraficed everything for his little brother. When Sam didn’t go looking for Dean when he was in purgatory that was the last straw for me. Sams character is a hypocrite in the worst way! It’s always about him. I think the things Demon Dean said to Sam was right on the money.
    As for the writing and plot of the show… I would like to see things change with Sam. The brothers actually be brothers who are EQUALLY concerned and invested in the other. For Dean to get a fair share of the storylines. And for the show to get back to dealing with a different monster each week.
    Of course this is just the opinion of two fans. I don’t speak for you all.

  4. Marianne Pereyra   November 1, 2014 at 2:35 pm

    Guys, we’re only at episode 4 and 5 in three days so don’t start judging the entire season with the few episodes we saw. They said that this season is all gonna be about the mark and Dean becoming a demon, etc. (and about the 2 brothers as always) Sometimes before reacting so quickly, think a little. They wouldn’t end a thing big like this in 3 episodes and even if the demon part ended, there’s still the mark to take care of. Fans who think that Supernatural (the writers, etc) is letting us down are totally wrong. And Dean is not worse! To the people who said that: What have you been watching for the past years?!
    Finally, I totally agree with Sara.

  5. Sara   November 1, 2014 at 8:59 am

    I think you are missing the point. Demon Dean is not over. He still has the mark of cain and it has to be fed sooner or later. If he doesn’t kill, he will become violently ill. There are so many episodes left. And if you don’t like what is happening, don’t watch the show. Trust me, there are millions of fans out there that do like it and I am one of them.

  6. MH   November 1, 2014 at 8:08 am

    Yes Supernatural blew it by cutting Dean’s demon story short. If you really believe that there is more to it and that the Mark of Cain will amount to more than an episode or two at the end of the season, then you’ve never watched this show. They have a habit of ending seasons with epic clighangers for Dean that eventually come to nothing. Unlike Samcentric storylines which drag on for years, storylines for Dean inevitably get cut short or end up being red herring storylines designed to kickstart some version of something being wrong with Sam.

    Also I don’ think Dean was a jerk at all this past episode. Especially since Sam was again taking no responsibility for his actions and trying to blame Dean alone for them. Ironically, the same kind of actions that he literally disowned Dean for last season and of course, didn’t say boo about. Where is Sam’s thank you to Dean for saving him multiple times? Where are his apologies for the multiple times he has betrayed Dean or deserted him or left him to rot in Purgatory or literally sent a mentally unstable hunter after the friend that did help save Dean from Purgatroy?

    Yes Supernatural blew another Dean storyline, But it’s not surprising at all since the show is not invested in Dean as a lead character. Ultimately, everything always has to be all about Sam and that’s why this show, despite hanging around for 10 years, will never reach it’s own amazing potential.

  7. Laverne McGee (@firstcoyote)   October 31, 2014 at 6:33 pm

    Mayu, speak for yourself. “A lot of us fans”? Really? Did you take a poll? If you did you sure in the heck didn’t contact me. You don’t know me. I’ve been a fan since 2005. I resent the fact that you label anyone who wanted Demon Demon cut short as a “true fan” which means that fans who wanted the character to continue aren’t true fans of the show. You don’t have the right to speak for me or anyone else, just yourself.

    Yes, SPN blew it big time, because Carver and company can now conveniently minimize the Mark of Cain and then forget about it later on. I wanted to see Dean’s dark side explored just as fully as Soulless Sam, Corrupted by Ruby, Samifer, Demon Blood Junkie Sam, Wall!Sam—need I go on?

    Season 10 was sold to us as “The Year of the Deanmon”, but as it turns out the Year lasted 3 episodes. SPN lied like a rug. That was bait and switch. They used the character to get everyone excited/angry over the summer, then used him as a hook to get people watching in the fall. Now that his usefulness is ended let’s give him that stupid blood cure and go on with the same old same old. Even if they do bring DD back (and that’s a mighty big IF), the Year of the Deanmon is still going to be a pretty short one. Dean Winchester is more than Sam’s nanny and his scapegoat. Both brothers are trapped by bad writing on the show. They’re like Peter Pan, they never grow up.

    It’s very peculiar that Sam’s dark side goes on and on and on, but when Dean has his shot some fans whine online that Dean can’t stay dark for long because they want to get back to the plot they claim they love. Geez, hypocrite much?

    • Sallyroundtheroses   November 1, 2014 at 6:39 am

      ITA to all of this. After 9 years of special snowflake Sam, dark Sam, broken Sam, dark Sam, sorry Sam, dark Sam, limp Sam and on and on, we get, finally, a promise that this time there will be a story for Dean. Then Carver, creatively bankrupt and unwilling to give Dean any kind of lasting story, cuts it after 3 episodes. Yup, once again Dean was used as the carrot to draw in the crowd, just to have his story cut short and how much do you want to bet that the rest of the season will be about Sam and his latest problem? Pft. Carver doesn’t know a good thing when he has it. Look at Purgatory, great story but cut short just so we could have version 6987 of limp/dark/hero Sam.

      This show is run by the most unimaginative crew I have ever seen. Blind to true talent and redundant in their story telling.

  8. Mayu   October 31, 2014 at 2:51 pm

    Of course they didn’t. True fans knew he wouldn’t last long as Deanmon. They need the real Dean to celebrate the 200th episode which is the 4th episode in the season. I think the episodes have been much better so far than last season.

    It’s nice to see the guys returning to their roots of demons and monsters of the week, and (coming next episode) goofiness. I was personally getting tired of the Angels and Demons angle that has dragged out for like 6 seasons… where demons like Crowely are more sympathetic while angels are jerks. Was getting bored of it.

    So a lot of us fans were happy that they got it over with quick so we could get back to the plot we loved. But it isn’t over yet. I still think there’s more we don’t know about what Sam did to find Dean… and there’s still the mark. So just because he’s Dean again doesn’t mean the storyline is necessarily over.

    • Sallyroundtheroses   November 1, 2014 at 7:03 am

      Funny how these same fans who are happy to get rid of DD were happy with all the Dark Sam episodes that kept the brothers apart. All they want is for Dean to be all about Sam. Of course, look at what you are waiting for, what did Sam do to save Dean? In other words what’s wrong with Sam version 10,000.

  9. Emma Sproule   October 31, 2014 at 12:39 pm

    i dont want demon dean back and 3 episodes was eneuf thank you i hope he doesnt return i want brotherly stuff just have 2hurry up and get rid of mark of cain cause its went 4 2long now


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