Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Episode 5: Bend & Break [Recap/Review]

Grey's Anatomy

Episode five of Grey’s Anatomy season 11, Bend & Break, focused more on Callie and Arizona. While the season is supposed to be Meredith centric, sometimes a focus needs to be on the other characters. The season has needed this episode for some time to find out just why Calzona simply are not working together anymore.

It all starts with Callie focusing more and more on her veterans’ project, while Arizona continues with her fellowship. The two need to work separately, but it is causing problems for their marriage. So, the two head for therapy, but will it really work? The therapist suggests that they do a trial separation, which Arizona likes the idea of. Callie finds it silly, but agrees to it in the end. However, a trial separation is not exactly possible when they live in the same house and raise a daughter together. It turns out that Callie tries to call the whole thing off, but Arizona is not ready to give in.

The decision ends up being a good thing for Grey’s Anatomy’s Callie. She finally finds someone else in the hospital to talk to: Meredith. The two are going through their own marital problems, but can vent to each other about them.

As expected, the month-long trial separation does not work. Callie gets drunk and she and Arizona fall back into their old patterns. They have broken the agreement according to their therapists, and must start the separation again; from the start.

During episode five, Bend & Break, of season 11 Grey’s Anatomy, Arizona is continuing to struggle with her fellowship. Everything in her personal life is affecting her professional life. It is at the point where Dr. Herman doubts that Arizona is the surgeon she originally believed to be. It really affects Arizona’s confidence, and that could have an impact on her decision towards the end of the episode.

Arizona decides that she needs Callie. The break has rejuvenated their relationship, and she wants her wife back. Callie, unsurprisingly, finds that the separation has helped settle her mind, too. She wants the opposite of her wife. She wants out of this Grey’s Anatomy marriage, because it simply does not work. All Callie wants is to be happy, but she does not feel like that is possible with Arizona in her life.

Smaller parts in the episode included Richard turning to Bailey for some advice. He wants to make it right with Maggie, and needs a relationship with her. It interestingly turns the table on Richard and Bailey’s relationship, which has usually been Richard giving Bailey the mentoring she needed.

There were a few flashbacks, too, which helps the audience remember the breaking points for Callie and Arizona. This is the second episode in a row where flashbacks have been used, and it is a good reminder of just how much the characters have been through.

The show will take a week’s break, and then continue with episode six, Don’t Let’s Start. There is little known about it for now, and many will want to know whether it will continue straight off from where episode five, Bend & Break, of Grey’s Anatomy season 11 finished, with Callie’s decision to bring the marriage to an end.

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