The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 4: Black Hole Sun [Recap/Review]

The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries aired its fourth episode of season six, Black Hole Sun, and took the show back to the very beginning. It gave Damon a chance to relive the past, and gave fans the answer to one of their questions from the earlier years: just why did Damon kill Zach Salvatore?

Damon and Bonnie find out all about Kai, who is stuck on this new “other side” in The Vampire Diaries. It turns out that the “other side” was created by his Gemini Coven—if the name sounds familiar, that is because it should. This coven was one that Alaric had mentioned, but Stefan said was leading to a dead end. The coven created it to trap Kai, because he was an evil, murdering witch. While he wants to live again, Bonnie refuses to help him after finding out who he really is.

As for Damon, he is reliving May 10, 1994. It is time for more flashbacks, and this time to see a 1990s Stefan and Damon. Damon returns to Mystic Falls, where Zach is now in the Boarding House with his pregnant wife and Stefan. To fit back in, Damon murders Zach’s wife. It is something that he had lived with for so long, and could not stand thinking about it when he returned to Mystic Falls in season one. He had to kill Zach to get over the guilt.

Stefan and Elena, meanwhile, seem closer than ever in episode four of The Vampire Diaries, season six, Black Hole Sun. The two run off together to start a new life, with new identities. Stefan even gets down on one knee and proposes to Elena to help create this new life. It does not last though. Stefan soon finds out why Elena no longer misses Damon, and tells her the truth.

Curious, Elena turns to Alaric for the truth. It turns out her pre-compelled self wrote to this version of her. Her pre-compelled self reminded her that she does not want the pain that comes with remembering the older Salvatore. So, in true The Vampire Diaries fashion, Elena runs from the problem and returns to Stefan.

Alaric has other problems to deal with; mainly Jeremy. He needs to help the younger Gilbert, especially after he ends up drunk in hospital. It soon works, and it looks like Jeremy is on the track of recovery.

Matt is back in full form, and piecing together what happened to Tripp’s friend, Jay. It turns out that vampires killed him—of course—and Tripp has Enzo locked up. As for Enzo, he never did kill Ivy—Stefan’s sort of girlfriend—he chose to turn her into a vampire in true The Vampire Diaries fashion. Ivy turns to the one person who may be able to understand all this, and asks Stefan to help her because she “doesn’t feel so good.”

Finally, the truth about Sarah comes out, too. It turns out that she is connected to the Salvatores. In fact, she is a Salvatore. While many have wondered whether Bonnie’s father was really her father, it turns out that Zach is. She wants to find out what happened to him. What does this mean for Jeremy and what will it mean for Damon when/if he returns from the Gemini Coven’s other side.

There have been a lot of questions answered in this episode, but new questions have arisen. One thing that The Vampire Diaries’ fourth episode of season six, Black Hole Sun, managed to do was take it back to the beginning.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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