Aaron Paul Takes on Florida Mom Yeah B*tch



While Bryan Cranston saw the humorous side to Florida Mom Susan Schrijver starting a petition to take down the Walter White and Jesse Pinkman action figures from Toys R Us shelves Aaron Paul did not find it the least bit funny and he took on the woman with his own petition and as one @JessePinkman tweet might say, “Yeah B*tch.” Fighting fire with fire, @AaronPaul_8 tweeted a link to another online petition asking the toy store to put the Heisenberg and Jesse Pinkman six inch action figures back on the shelves.

The alternative petition, started by Daniel Pickett, has already gotten more than 13,000 signatures, quite a lot more than the 9,300 that made the toy chain nervously remove the Breaking Bad action figures which were fashioned from the likenesses of Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston. The point that the Jesse Pinkman actor made in his irate response to Toys R Us and Ms. Schrijver, is that the idea of removing one type of action figure that “promotes” negative family values and not removing others sends a very mixed message.

Aaron Paul argued, on Twitter, that the store’s keeping violent video games on their shelves, alongside other action figures which are violent in nature, makes no sense. The actor also questioned the wisdom of leaving Barbie dolls on display, something that has been described as damaging to the psyche of young girls in the past. The 35 year old former star of Breaking Bad and Need for Speed also retweeted another Twitter users point, @DustinBrayley, who points out that one can still purchase toy guns, “bloody knives” and axes as well as mature video games. @DustinBrayley ends by asking “@BreakingBad_AMC is the problem?” As Pinkman might say, “Yeah b*tch!”

As the “bring back Breaking Bad” petition states, Toys R Us stocks toys (items) for kids of all ages which includes adults who buy video games and collectible figures. As one reporter pointed out, as well as the Guardian Liberty Voice in an earlier article about the Florida Mom’s petition, if parents do not want to buy their children a Heisenberg or Jesse Pinkman doll they should just walk past the offending action figures in the store.

Of course, apart from his justifiable Twitter rant, Aaron also used humor in at least one tweet where he “replied” to the U.S. President. @BarackObama tweeted “are you serious about @ToysRUs thing?!?” Paul ends the funny tweet with “Yes I am.” The actor is right to question this asinine stance against a fictional action figure, or two, characters that both showed by the end of the AMC series that crime cost a lot in terms of personal dues that were paid. Sure Jesse drives off in the night, but the character was most likely damaged mentally for life and Heisenberg had bled out on the floor of the meth lab.

While Aaron Paul taking on the Florida Mom, who did not even give her real name on the petition, is something that should be applauded by every Breaking Bad and Jesse Pinkman fan (Yeah B*tch) it probably will not make Toys R Us change their mind. After all, they caved in under very little pressure to begin with. In closing, it has to be asked, was the retail chain afraid that the one who knocks was going to be a mother from Fort Myers?

By Michael Smith



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