Haven: Body Switching and the Trouble With Thinnies


In this Haven two parter, where body switching is still the latest trouble and Dave/Vince learn that with thinnies, closer is not better, Duke and Nathan are actually dealing pretty well with occupying the other’s body. Except that Nathan is not overly pleased that Duke “goes commando.” According to Crocker though, it just lets “everything breathe.” This bit of information does not impress Wuornos in the least.

This week’s episode allows all the characters a little time in the spotlight. Nathan/Duke and Audrey/Mara question a member of staff at the mental home in Haven and Dave/Vince talk to the coffee shop owner, Mrs. Doohan in Manteo. The history of the trouble, turns out to be a familial issue where two brothers who loved the same woman become the first to switch.

Mara has gotten a lot better at acting like Audrey. She may think that she is pulling the wool over Duke’s eyes but she has not figured out that it is Nathan she is really talking to. The two men plan to release a trouble that will free Parker but it backfires and Mara gets away.

Not only does she escape but she manages to get hold of Jeffrey/Skip (Alison Doohan’s hubby and brother-in-law) and shoots Dwight/Gloria.

Haven continues to drag out the Stephen King story that never was. Although points need to be given to the show’s producers for putting in a Cincinnati Kid reference towards the end of the episode, just to remind viewers where the show came from.

The Maine based show proves though that being based upon an adaptation of a book by the same name as the series is not really necessary all one has to do is remind viewers of the connection. Of course there was no instance of body switching, any sort of “trouble” or thinnies in the original story. The latter device was present in the Gunslinger stories dealing with the Dark Tower and that tale bled into any number of other King stories in a clever and very satisfying way. So this can be forgiven.

Suffice to say that Haven is still moderately entertaining, certainly more so that the CBS series Under the Dome which according to ZAP2IT has been approved for a third season. The news that this liberal translation of Stephen King’s superb novel will continue rewriting the verse and stretching out the grueling punishment for those good, and not so good, denizens of Chester’s Mill, is almost too much to take.

At least with Haven, the show’s producers have never attempted to take anything from the short novella apart from the mystery of the Cincinnati Kid and the names and profession of Dave and Vince. This fifth season has managed to allow the actors to continue to exercise their acting chops. As mentioned last week, Eric Balfour and Lucas Bryant have done very well with their Freaky Friday script.

Emily Rose proves yet again that she is so much more than just a pretty face in Haven with no trouble at all. As Mara she manages to ring the changes effortlessly and her scene where she realizes that Nathan/Duke is not in love with Audrey as he zaps her is just brilliant. By the end of this week’s episode, Duke releases a trouble and with it he also releases Audrey by literally forcing her out of Mara’s body. It remains to be seen just how long it will take Mara to discover the North Carolina thinnie that Dave/Vince almost got pulled into. Until then perhaps viewers can think on the injustice of Audrey appearing in her birthday suit while the naughty Mara gets to keep her clothes on.

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