Dancing With The Stars Executives Sue Rival Performance Show

dancing with the stars
The head executives behind the hit ABC reality show Dancing With The Stars are suing the honcho of a company that is attempting to air its own live stage performance variation of the show, and also intends on using dancers that have signed a contract with the ABC show.

The live stage show is entitled Ballroom With A Twist, and their promotional logo features a lot of the same eye-catching image techniques as Dancing With The Stars. The first and last words are printed much larger than the ones in between, and the lettering is very flashy and glittery overall. Both images also feature males and females engaged in choreography, though the new show has three individuals rather than only two. The basis of the show essentially revolves around a United States tour of said dancing performances, which would come to different cities on different dates, much like any other performance artist or group does.

The biggest issue that show’s future is facing. however, is the use of professional dancers who have already made a name for themselves on Dancing With The Stars. These individuals include such performers as Tony Dovolani (who has competed on every season of the ABC version except the first), Val Chmerkovskiy (the younger brother of show veteran and controversial dancer Maxim Chmerkovskiy), and Peta Murgatroyd (who is still currently competing on the most recent season of the show, in which she is paid with infamous actor and marijuana activist Tommy Chong.) Ballroom With A Twist also acquired an extremely experienced choreography for their show, managing to snap professional choreographer and former Dancing With The Stars alum Louis van Amstel, a move which put the aforementioned executives over the edge in their contemplation of legal retribution.

Dancing With The Stars is owned by the BBC, who reportedly have every intention continuing their lawsuit against BWAT producer Scott Stander, whose company is in charge of producing the proposed variation. BBC claims that the aforementioned dancers that the rival show has hired are not allowed to perform for a competing variation without permission, as they have already been contracted by the main version. They are asking for the new live stage show to be axed before it has a chance to begin, and are demanding that Stander erase all traces of the alleged copycat promotional posters.

The newest season of Dancing With The Stars has earned some of the show’s highest steady ratings since it’s debut in 2005, after which time devoted viewers for the show have come and gone frequently. The show’s appeal is said to largely depend on who each season’s cast consists of, with lesser rate celebrities resulting in fewer viewers. Millions of individuals, some of whom are not usually fans of the show at all, tuned in to this season’s premiere to see how the daughter of Duck Dynasty lead Willie Robertson would fare in terms of her dancing abilities. It was well-known to fans of the hit A&E reality television show that Sadie Robertson had been raised in a conservative environment that did not encourage dancing, and shortly after her debut on the show she revealed that her high school did not allow dances of any kind, regardless of the proposed celebration. Robertson has quickly become a fan favorite, stunning the judges with her uncanny ability to learn dance routines of which she could not possibly have had prior knowledge.

By Rebecca Grace


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