Hawaii Volcano: Molten Lava Has Now Reached Residential Properties


Following the evacuation of some residents in Hawaii, due to the volcano that had erupted, many residents are now thankful that they are no longer in the area, though their properties are not so lucky. Molten lava from the volcano in Hawaii has now reached residential properties and could end up causing much damage to the area. Officials have warned that the molten lava is hot enough to simply incinerate any homes, businesses, or roads that come into its path. As the lava continues to make its way toward developed land, residents of the area wonder if any of their prized possessions will be safe from the slow moving, yet dangerous remnants of the eruption.

The 1000 resident town of Pahoa, Hawaii has been on high alert as the lava from the eruption of Kilauea posed a large threat to their homes, as the big stream of nearly 2,000 degree lava flowed towards them. Residents of Puna had already been evacuated days ago, as they expected the lava to reach there, as well. The state of emergency was declared in Hawaii at the request of Gov. Neil Abercrombie, last month as daily reports continued to be given about the flow of lava. Kilauea, which according to sources erupted on June 27th, had continued to slowly make its way toward civilization.

Pahoa was then evacuated, as the officials watching the volcano continued to expect it to make its way for the town. According to sources, the lava crossed over a cemetery not far from Pahoa, and continued making its way for the town, at a rate of 10 to 15 yards per hour. Many in the town are expected to lose everything during the continuous flow of the volcano. Though the residents are distraught from this thought, the officials of Hawaii are actually making arrangements for residents of the area to watch as the volcano destroys their homes. The Hawaii Council Civil Defense Director, Darryl Oliviera, says that this move will help to bring them closure.

Though much of the area has been evacuated there are still many residents in the area that are waiting to see if they must evacuate, as well. City officials are also working to keep the rest of the town safe from the lava. The utility company has already been working to install taller poles, and moving some, in an effort to keep the wires from being in any danger. Ground access has been closed off to any residents, visitors, or media, though scientists have been able to have access as they continue to watch the volcano for updates. Many other preparations have been made as the small towns in the volcano’s path continue to be at risk.

Though residents have been warned for weeks that the volcanic river might reach the towns, and evacuations were made, no one can quite fathom the situation as the Kilauea threatens to destroy their homes. Now that the Hawaii volcano has officially crossed over into residential property, all the residents can do is hope and pray that their homes will be spared in the disaster. As the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory continue to give daily updates, the destruction of homes, roads, and other properties is expected.

By Crystal Boulware


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