How Mighty Is Apple Inc. Really?

AppleThe fact that it is the largest technology company and the largest joint stock company in the world does not tell much about Apple to the layman, who knows only that the iPhone is a pretty good phone. So how mighty is Apple Inc. really?

In recent years, Apple has become the largest joint stock company in the world, mainly thanks to the vision of Steve Jobs, the result of which were the iPhone and iPad. After a long battle, in the last decade the tech giant finally managed to rise over Microsoft, IBM, Google, Samsung Electronics and it became the first name in the technology industry. What happens when the size of the company with some interesting comparisons are put into perspective?

The difference in value between Apple and the world’s second largest joint stock company, Exxon Mobil oil industry, is about $200 billion. This is enough to arm the U.S. Navy with as many as 50 new nuclear-powered aircraft carriers Nimitz class, which are considered the biggest in the world. The construction of one costs approximately $4.5 billion.

Apple disposes of the resources in the amount of $155 billion. If the company gave the money that it currently has in its pocket to the residents of countries around the world, every American would receive $490 and every Chinese would receive $115. With its available funds, the tech giant could buy a fleet of 297 Airbuses A380, the largest passenger planes in the world.

In the last year, Apple sold 243 million mobile devices with the iOS operating system. Just for comparison, all the world producers of cars and commercial vehicles made and sold a total of approximately 250 million vehicles in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Also, the company sold 39.3 million iPhones last quarter, which is more than enough to give one to every Canadian.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is confident that the company will sell at least 30 million pieces of Apple Watch in the next two years, which would mean that the company would sell more Apple Watches than the entire Swiss watch industry sells in one year. The Swiss watch industry, which is not the world’s largest exporter of watches (China is), but it has a 54 percent market share in terms of value of manufactured products, sold 29.2 million watches in 2012.

Only in the last quarter, the Apple stores sold nearly 13 million pieces of the iPad. Besides the iPhone, iPad is the best-selling company’s product. Furthermore, the tech giant sold 5.52 million Macs last quarter and that is enough to give every Minnesotan his or her own computer.

Over the next two years, Apple Watches are expected to bring Apple nearly $10 billion in revenue. With this money, one could buy 433 Eclipse yachts (which are considered the second largest luxury private yacht in the world and each one costs around $430 million) or three most expensive football clubs in the world – Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United.

The popularity of the iPhone has catapulted Apple from an underdog who is fighting IBM to arguably the most successful consumer electronics companies in the world. And year by year, the technological giant proves why it deserves to be on top.

By: Janette Verdnik

Business Insider Australia