Hugh Laurie’s ‘Mr. Pip’ to Be Released for Video on Demand


According to Deadline, the Video On Demand, DVD and theatrical rights to Mr. Pip starring renown British actor Hugh Laurie have been released to Freestyle Digital Media and Dominion Pictures. The film was originally helmed by The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian director Andrew Adamson and is based on the original Lloyd Jones novel.

The story follows Laurie’s character as one of the last remaining Englishman on a tropical island in Papa New Guinea. The Brit makes use of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations to teach the local children of the island. One young girl lets her creativity run wild by imagining the book’s primary character, Pip as a real-life friend of her own. Chaos ensues when the people of the island mistake this imaginary character for the invading enemy.

The film is set for release on Nov. 7. The movie will be made available in select theaters and multiple digital platforms.

By Cody Collier


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