Iggy Azalea Says Ex Boyfriend’s Marriage Claims Are Ludicrous

Iggy Azalea is firing back at her ex-boyfriend’s request for divorce, stating that his claims of them having ever been married are ludicrous and nothing more than a desperate money grab. The Australian rapper’s statement was posted on popular gossip website TMZ in the afternoon of October 10th, 2014.

Hefe Wine has recently filed court documents asking for a divorce from the 24-year-old, alleging that the two have been common law ever since the year 2008. He states that this entitles him to half of the earnings the singer made over that time, which has been quite substantial since her breakout in rap music a few years ago, establishing her as one of the top female names in rap and hip-hop.

Azalea’s net worth is currently estimated at approximately six million, an amount which Wine alleges he is entitled to his half of due to their supposed marital status. However, Azalea has given the statement that the idea of them being common law is one the man has fabricated in his own mind, and that the two never even came close to being such a thing. While she admits the two were in a relationship back when she was reaching the end of her teenage years, she denies his claims that the two lived together long enough to be established in a common-law marriage. The Mullumbimby native says Wine is simply digging for new ways to extort her, after his last attempt did not pan out.

The attempt of which Azalea refers to is that of the sex tape Wine tried to release in September, which was recorded back when he and the singer were in an intimate relationship. While the singer and her representatives originally denied that the woman featured in the recording was the Australian herself, they eventually admitted the possibility and threatened to sue anybody who published it on the internet without her consent.

There was talk of the entertainer being under 18 when the recording was made, something Wine has adamantly denied. He has also claims that he has every right to publish the tape however he wishes, due to a contract Azalea signed back when he was her manager. The contract in question states that Wine has complete control over the publication and distribution of her image and likeness, in both audio and visual form, in order to better establish her career. It also states that he may publish her works or likeness on any platform he wishes, also to increase support of her career.

Wine gave a statement saying that the contract presents a loophole in which he could, if he felt so inclined, publish the tape on a self-created website in support of Azalea, and not be prosecuted for it. The tape itself was in extremely high demand for many adult entertainment companies, most significantly that of Vivid Entertainment, owned by Steven Hirsch. The honcho reportedly offered Azalea a six figure deal for the recording, which she adamantly shot down and subsequently threatened legal action if he decided to publish it anyway.

It remains to be seen what will come of Hefe Wine’s recent request to be divorced from Iggy Azalea. The singer and her representatives continue to remain adamant that no marital union of any kind ever occurred between the two, and that this request is merely a desperate attempt to extort money.

By Rebecca Grace

Fox News

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