Infected Freefall by Andrea Speed (Book Review)

Infected FreefallInfected Freefall by Andrea Speed is the fourth book in the Infected series. This book has been reissued by DSP Publications and follows ex-cop turned private investigator Roan as he deals with being one of the only fully functioning virus children in the country. Every book is a collection of two different investigations broken into separate stories. Each investigation brings more insight into who Roan is and also what the world around him is like.

In Infected Freefall, Roan must not only investigate a cold case around a boy that has been missing for years but he must also investigate a mysterious murder of one of his friend Holden’s client. Not only must Roan solve these cases but he is also dealing with the continued grief over the loss of his husband Paris as well as a sense of guilt over finding someone new to love. If that was not enough on his plate, The Church of the Divine Transformation has decided to get more hostile as the leader of the church believes that Roan is a traitor to other infecteds.

Infected FreefallAs Roan continues to struggle with his lion and new issues keep cropping up with his unique strain of the virus, he must also deal with an infected who is loose in his city and terrorizing the people. Even the church is resorting to violence and Roan seems to caught in the middle of everything. All of these added pressures combined with depression, an increasing dependence on painkillers and increasing anger issues seem to pushing Roan towards what one can only describe as a mental break.

Andrea Speed has captured the storyline brilliantly just in the title, Infected Freefall. As a reader one can clearly see that Roan is in a state of freefall with his life and decisions. Even with his new partner Dylan, as well as Fiona the Dominatrix and Holden the hustler to back him, Roan seems to be headed down a dangerous path.

While the Infected series does build based on the investigations that Roan takes on, the journey does not necessarily require them. Instead the mysteries give the readers a chance to explore more of the world around Roan and his friends as well as getting a better idea of Roan’s sarcastic personality. In Infected Freefall, since Roan is dealing with so much more on his plate it is up to his friends to assist in the investigations which then allows the readers a chance to learn a bit more about them and how they react to situations versus how Roan would handle something.

The continued writing in this series remains sharp, gritty and at times dark. Roan’s sense of sarcastic humor and unflinching determination to be himself all combine to continue to make this series gripping. Speed has used Infected Freefall as the perfect set up to really add people into Roan’s world. While we met Holden in the last book, his presence in this one really developed the character into one that is surprising and quite engaging. The set up in this book is brilliant and definitely assures that the reader will have to pick up the next book in the series to see what will happen next.

By Kimberley Spinney


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