The Last Ship Shows Possible Ebola Pandemic Scenario?

the last shipThe Last Ship is a drama television series, which premiered on June 22, 2014 on TNT. The show follows the crew of a naval destroyer, which is forced to confront the reality of a new existence after a pandemic kills most of the earth’s population. Since almost entire world is currently facing the Ebola virus, several viewers started suggesting that The Last Ship shows a possible scenario for Ebola pandemic.

During the first season of the show, the viewers followed the crew of the Naval Destroyer Nathan James, which is sent to the Arctic on a research mission. Well, at least this is what they believe. However, they soon find out that a deadly virus has spread around the world and it decimated the population. The crew realizes that Rachel Scott, the scientist on board of Nathan James, is the only hope of developing a vaccine to save the world.

The mission of the ship’s crew is to find a cure, stop the virus and save the world. The crew of unaffected 217 men and women of the USS Nathan James must find a way to prevent the extinction of mankind. They stumble upon several obstacles on their way, but they finally return home at the end of season one. Even more, after several failed experiments on monkeys and people, Rachel Scott finds the cure and the vaccine. Which means that not only the pandemic can be stopped, people who are already infected can be cured.

However, the season one finale of The Last Ship reveals an unexpected twist, when Rachel finds out that the virus is used to weed out the undesirables and that only those people who are worth carrying on the human race get vaccinated. Well, the idea that someone would use the virus as a mean to gain power over the world was not something new, however, it most certainly took the show into an entirely new dimension.

Since The Last Ship shows what a pandemic can actually do, many people found some connection with Ebola outbreak. Well, the fact is that the TV series is only fiction and the current Ebola outbreak in Africa has already spread to the U.S. and elsewhere. This current Ebola epidemic is actually a very real danger, the one that cannot be solved before the next commercial break. However, some segments of The Last Ship felt quite real, especially when it showed all those dead people, empty streets and life with no order nor government.

While the deadly virus on TV is one that can be forgotten when the show is over and the credits run, the current Ebola outbreak continues to take several innocent lives. And while only fictional people die in The Last Ship, the current Ebola outbreak has already killed several thousand people who are real, despite the fact that most of them are far away and that they only appear as horrifying images on the evening news.

Well, regardless of the fact that Ebola is the real danger and that The Last Ship is just another TV show, many people think that some parallels can be drawn. And they are anxious to see how thing will develop in season two, since season one ended with a major cliffhanger. The Last Ship returns with season two in Summer 2015.

By: Janette Verdnik

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