‘Into the Woods’ Is Already Oscar-Bound?

into the woods

Into the Woods it the cherished Stephen Sondheim musical that will receive a film adaptation this Christmas and said film is already being considered an Oscar-bound production. The movie features an all-star cast of award-winning actors notable on both stage and screen, a definitive example for the awards buzz.

Oscar talk began when the first teaser trailer for the film was released at the end of July. The hubbub has now continued as it has been announced that the role of The Witch, played by Meryl Streep will be submitted as a Best Supporting Actress contender while Emily Blunt’s role of The Baker’s Wife will undergo consideration for the Best Leading Actress category. Disney made the official announcement of the potential awards categories on Oct. 4.

The remaining players rounding out the cast include renown character actor Johnny Depp as The Wolf, young Broadway actress Lilla Crawford as Little Red Riding Hood, Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick as Cinderella, Star Trek’s Chris Pine as Cinderella’s Prince, stage actress Mackenzie Mauzy portraying Rapunzel, additional Broadway performer Billy Magnussen playing Rapunzel’s Prince, The Good Wife’s Christine Baranski will play Cinderella’s Stepmother, The Les Misérables film’s Daniel Huttlestone as Jack, comedian Tracey Ullman as his Mother and Tony winner James Corden as The Baker. The astoundingly talented company provides a beautiful platform for all kinds of awards.

To top off the killer group of actors, accomplished director Rob Marshall will helm the Into the Woods film. Marshall was nominated for a Best Director Oscar in 2002 for his film adaptation of the hit Broadway musical Chicago. Marshall also directed the movie musical Nine starring another A-List cast including Daniel Day-Lewis and Nicole Kidman. Perhaps the third time will be a charm for Marshall in grabbing that golden trophy for taking the reigns on a movie musical.

As many cast members of Into the Woods have begun attending talk shows and undergone other interviews for recent projects, they are often questioned about their experience with the film. Actors like Chris Pine have made statements in regards to the beauty that is displayed in the film. His comments on beauty reportedly reflect that of the visual appearance of the cinematography as well as the captivating performances the cast is giving of the beloved material.

Into the Woods is loosely based on many of the classic Grimm fairy tales, but it is not to be mistaken as material solely for children. The show has many adult themes and lessons throughout its narrative that ground the production in a deeper and far darker emotional gravitas than one would originally think. As a multi-Tony-award-winning production that has been revived on Broadway and performed throughout the world on thousands of stages, one must take to heart that this is no ordinary fairy tale.

If the Into the Woods film is already considered Oscar-bound, it would most certainly not come as a surprise. The beautiful score by Sondheim and the heartfelt book by James Lapine are works of art that audiences rarely experience in the movies anymore. As the world awaits the film’s release, one can only hope the morals displayed within the story can be taken to heart and spread abundantly to make the world that much better of a place. Into the Woods will release in theaters worldwide on Christmas Day.

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By Cody Collier

Broadway World
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