The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 2: Yellow Ledbetter [Recap]

The Vampire Diaries

Episode two of The Vampire Diaries, called Yellow Ledbetter aired Thursday night, and started to answer questions for Damon and Bonnie fans. It was all about where the two have ended up after the “other side” disintegrated with them still there. That is not all that happened. Enzo is back, and Elena is finally given the chance to move on; opening the door for Elena and Stefan fans again.

The episode instantly starts where the season five finale left off. The “other side” disintegrates and Damon and Bonnie end up in Mystic Falls. The problem is nobody else is around.

Before The Vampire Diaries fans find out where they are or anything else that is going on, they are taken to Jeremy dealing with his dead girlfriend the best way he can; with another girl. Matt walks in for a very uncomfortable moment, as he tries to work out what he needs to do to help his ex-girlfriend’s grieving little brother.

Meanwhile, Elena is trying to move on. Episode one of The Vampire Diaries’ sixth season ended with her asking Alaric to compel her to forget she ever loved Damon, and he is willing to do it. Maybe he knows that this is the best thing for her right now. He can always reverse the compulsion at a later date. She is boxing up everything that reminds her of Damon, but soon realizes that she cannot figure out when she fell in love with him. Thinking all is lost, she unpacks the box.

Caroline points out that Elena does know really. Yellow Ledbetter, the first episode of The Vampire Diaries season six finally has confirmation of when she fell in love with the other Salvatore brother. It was on her 18th birthday, and it was because of how selfless he was. After that it was a heartbreaking moment for many Delena fans. Alaric wiped her memory of ever loving him.

Damon suddenly became Stefan’s older brother, and there were no feelings of love and lust. This brings in Stefan’s whereabouts, who is still living his normal life with new girlfriend, Ivy. Caroline is not happy that he has given up the search, but there is another vampire helping. Enzo has found out that a coven of witches in none other than New Orleans can communicate with people on the other side. They must know a way of communicating with Damon and Bonnie.

Back to “Bamon,” the audience finally finds out that they are stuck in some sort of Groundhog Day, and 20 years in the past. Nobody is around, and they believe they are in their own personal hells. It is not the first time The Vampire Diaries has involved hell. However, they soon realize that they are not alone. Bonnie has one crossword clue that she cannot figure out each time, but the answer soon comes to her. Someone must be changing things for her.

Enzo is not about to let Stefan give up, and it is goodbye Ivy. The British vampire soon makes it clear that Stefan is never going to be able to move on, because he will not let him.

To top it all off, the possible true evil of the show has finally been shared. Tripp—it was clear he knew something in the first episode—is rounding up vampires and taking them across the border to magic-free Mystic Falls. Will Elena and co. be safe with him around? It brought a scary end to Yellow Ledbetter; an emotional and interesting second episode to The Vampire Diaries season six.

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  1. alexa   October 11, 2014 at 11:23 am

    How come you made an episode of Damon and lexi on the other side it was just messed up and sad so I don’t think u will be able to create that many episodes for season 6


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