Is Facebook Becoming a Payable Social Platform?

FacebookDespite the fact that it was free until now and Mark Zuckerberg always claimed that it will remain this way, Facebook is reportedly becoming a payable social platform, as it is planning to charge its users $2.99 per month, starting on November 1.

The National Report recently published an article in which it quoted Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO, who addressed the reporters at a press conference in California. According to the report, Zuckerberg said that they thought long and hard about making this decision, however, they had no other choice but to implement this monthly fee. According to Zuckerberg, if they do not do something about their rising costs immediately, Facebook could face a financial burden that is unrecoverable and therefore, their social platform could become outdated.

In order to make things more believable, since this was not the first time that this particular social platform was supposed to start charging the monthly fee, the report also included a statement from a Wall Street analyst, Dale Sackrider. According to him, this monthly fee is an excellent news for Facebook stock holders, because if at least 70% of users will accept to pay for the service, then approximately 1 billion users would bring in more than $30 billion every month.

Furthermore, the report also included an interview on CNN, where Paul Horner, who is a Facebook spokesperson, explains the reason for their decision to start charging the monthly fee. In his interview, Horner says that the economic times are tight and the ads on their social platform are not as profitable as they were supposed to be.

According to Paul Horner, the social platform is also facing an increase in costs, because more and more people are joining in every day. Facebook spokesperson added that apart from regular pics, there are also numerous pictures of cats and storing all of these images is an increasing cost to the company.

The article in The National Report further continued by stating that Facebook obviously managed to get its users completely addicted. With its updates as soon as the users open their eyes in the morning, Facebook chats before they go to sleep, communication with the world for news, relations and updates, this social platform has embedded into its users daily lives.

After the news broke out, numerous Facebook users were outraged and they started to express their anger. However, the report soon turned up to be a hoax. Most people would usually ignore posts like this on social media sites, however, since this particular report contained links to a full news story, people actually believed that it was true. Well, the truth is that Zuckerberg’s quotes were all made up and this is reportedly not the first time that The National Report released such a hoax news story, since it is one of many satirical news sites. However, most of the users did not find their joke funny after the truth about the hoax came out.

Regardless of the fact that the report contained quotes, which in fact gave an impression of a real news story, Facebook is not charging it users any fee. Well, at least for now.

By: Janette Verdnik

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The National Report
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