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James Franco Latest Project a Catchy Commercial for Droid Turbo (Video)



Okay, so everyone knows that James Franco is still vying for the “Busiest Man in Hollywood Award” and his latest project is, no surprise here at all, a catchy commercial for Droid Turbo by Motorola. The best bud of Seth Rogen has made a number of cell phone advertisements, and why not. At the rate that James works, he can probably knock a record number of these one minute ads out in a day, or two.

In terms of being the “busiest man” in Hollywood, just this year alone, James Franco has donned the hat of film director, writer, playwright, actor, guest star…the list goes on and on. As his most recent movie project gets set to hit screens across the country on December 25, 2014, aka Christmas Day, Franco and his filmatic friend Rogen will be entertaining the masses over the holidays. These two have been partnered up repeatedly. Ever since the sublime, and oh so sweetly ridiculous, Pineapple Express, team Rogen and Franco have ruled. Not just on the big screen either.

The two men have partnered up to work on other projects, like the glorious “mickey take” (known as a spoof or “tribute” on this side of the pond) of Kim West, nee Kardashian and her significant other, Kanye West in their esoteric, and kind of disturbing, music video and song Bound. Only these two artists could have so splendidly ripped the egotistical West to pieces and not have the entertainer, who is a massive ego on two legs, blow a gasket.

Now James Franco is working solo, he does prove repeatedly that he does not need Rogen to complete him in a commercial sense, on a catchy project for Motorola’s Droid Turbo. As with his other ads, as well as his work on Funny or Die, with or without Seth, the advert is one of those things that will stick in your mind long after you have initially seen it. Sure the visuals connect and the aspect of a cell phone slowing down time, or appearing to, along with that annoyingly catchy oriental themed All the Time by the Bahamas makes this advertisement stick in the mind like a frustrating piece of last night’s gum on the carpet. Dig all you want, that tune and its visuals will stubbornly stick in your brain. So much so that, later on, all you will need to do is listen to the song itself and Franco will begin that slow fall in your mind’s eye.

It would be interesting to learn which came first, the song or the setting. James Franco and his “date” standing on a rooftop in China (apparently) must have been influenced by the Bahamas song with its slow moving and beautiful backbeat. Certainly the music calls for an Asian setting in the mind of the listener. So too in the mind of the ad agency who come up with the idea.

James Franco in his latest project has managed, or his agent has, to put himself in what has the potential to be a culturally relevant and catchy commercial for the Motorola Droid Turbo. Is it necessary to point out that on YouTube alone, since being uploaded yesterday on October 30, the advert has over 25,900 views and rising? There is one last thing to ask, did anyone else expect Seth Rogen to pop up in that dumpster under the red awning at the end? Answers on a postcard please… For those who have not seen the commercial on television, or YouTube, it can be seen below. Enjoy.

By Michael Smith


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