Jennifer Hudson Suggests ‘Sex and the City III’ Is a Possibility

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson has been widely quoted as saying that there is a possibility that a third installment to the Sex and the City franchise happening in the near future. Though fans of the TV series, for the most part, enjoyed the first Sex and the City (2008) movie, they had a lukewarm response, at best, to the second one, which hit theaters in 2010 and bombed.

Jennifer Hudson did not definitely state that Sex in the City III is going to happen, but she did say in a radio interview with Dish Nation that “it’s in the talks.” She added that “it might happen.”

JHud, as some people are now calling her, said in the interview that fans of Sex and the City‘s first movie should look for her character, “Louise from St. Louis,” to be in the third movie, if it is made. In the first Sex and the City movie, Hudson played the personal assistant of Carrie Bradshaw, Louise.

Jennifer Hudson is not the only star from the franchise who has suggested that there will be a third movie in the series. Sarah Jessica Parker said in a January interview with InStyle magazine that the decision to make a third Sex and the City flick is not one “that can wait forever.” However, in Cannes just months afterward, Parker said that “it remains to be seen,” if a third movie is made or not.

Besides the comments of Jennifer Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker about a possible third Sex and the City movie happening, last February, producer Michael Patrick King said in an interview that he thought the series had another story to tell.

Probably, the decision about a third Sex and the City film being made will be left in the hands of fans. If enough fans seem eager about the possibility, the third installment of Sex and the City will be closer to becoming a reality. The second one left a bad taste in the mouths of both critics and fans, though, so convincing fans that a third Sex and the City movie will be better than the second one might be an uphill battle.

For a third Sex and the City movie to be successful, it must be once again set in New York City, like the first one was, instead of someplace like the setting of the second one, Abu Dhabi.
Also, Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, Jennifer Hudson and everyone else who will be in the cast must stay in character and act as they have in the TV series and the first movie of the franchise.

Though the network, the CW, tried to get fans interested in a prequel to Sex and the City, called The Carrie Diaries, it did not do very well in the ratings. Sex and the City fans know what they want and there are plenty of fans who would likely flock to a third installment, but only if it hearkens back to the original series and the first movie.

One thing that the second Sex and the City movie do which might prove to be good in setting up a third one, as stars Jennifer Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker hinted at, is that there are potentially humorous situations that could be mined in a third installment. Mr. Big gave Carrie a diamond ring to prove his love for her, Charlotte’s two children could provide some funny moments and so could Miranda’s search for a new job as a lawyer with some other law firm or setting up her own office.

Sex and the City III might be becoming a possibility, and might be happening, just as Jennifer Hudson mentioned in a recent interview. Producer Michael Patrick King also has suggested that a third installment will be made and Sarah Jessica Parker seems as if she would like a third one to happen, but if it does, her comments have suggested that she wants it to happen sooner, rather than later.Should a third movie be made? Please leave any comments about the idea below!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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  1. Judy Schaeffer   October 6, 2014 at 7:21 am

    No, Sex and the City has run it’s course. Do not want to see a third movie.


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