Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Her Perfect Boyfriend

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Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Her Perfect Boyfriend

Jennifer Lawrence may still be reeling from her leaked nude pictures but the Hunger Games star took time to reveal her idea of the perfect boyfriend. On the same day that the 24 year-old actress had her Wikipedia page hacked with her nude pictures placed in the comments section, stories of her interview with Vanity Fair about relationships have hit the Internet. In terms of web news, to Lawrence, this can definitely be counted as a positive.

The interview, which is in the November issue of the magazine, has the Oscar winning performer asking whether boring is “much better than passion.” There appears to be a list of just what the star is looking for in her dream fella. However, these “requirements” may just be a non player considering Lawrence is being touted as Chris Martin’s main squeeze, proof that the rumor is true can be seen by her supporting the Coldplay artist at the iHeart Music Festival in Las Vegas.

Male fans of Lawrence may want to stop reading now, to stop being disappointed by some of the things that Jennifer expects to find in her perfect mate. For many, her taste in television could be off putting. It seems that the American Hustle star loves reality television and expects her boyfriend to have similar taste in TV. Lawrence adores, Shark Tank, Dance Moms, Doomsday Preppers and her number one fave is The Real Housewives of Miami apparently. So prospective Chris Martin replacements be warned, Jennifer wants her man to share in this devotion.

Another thing that Jennifer Lawrence, America’s favorite girl next door, expects her perfect boyfriend to be, is…revealing, in more ways than one. For instance she told Vanity Fair Editor Sam Kashner that she wants a man who will “fart” in front of her. Revealing body functions may be boring to the Silver Linings Playbook performer but she may be on her own in this.

Lawrence also says that she wants a guy who can eat. In other words she does not want a modern vegan, gluten avoiding, health food nut, but a fellow who will nosh some Slim Jims and tortilla chips. According to Vanity Fair, Jennifer loves to eat, as evidenced by her having a breakfast of spaghetti and meatballs prior to her interview with Kashner. Unsurprisingly Lawrence feels that gluten-free devotees are just another version folks with a “cool” new eating disorder.

Female fans of Lawrence should avoid the next bit of news about what she wants in a mate. Jennifer wants a version of Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld) and before thinking that she may mean a younger version of David, she also, Lena Dunham stop reading now, worships Woody Allen. Not, however, in the deep meaningful way that she feels for Larry.

Pacifists and Wilbur Milquetoasts are also part of Jennifer Lawrence’s perfect boyfriend list and she revealed that she does not want an argumentative fellow hanging around her either. Regardless of all these “requirements” Lawrence says that the bottom line is, she wants a TV buddy; someone she can watch telly with. It does have to be said that her boring statement makes a lot more sense now that this last requirement has been revealed.

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