Jeremy Clarkson Had to Flee Argentina After Falklands Controversy

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson and his Top Gear colleagues had to flee Argentina after controversy over the Falklands War. It is still a hot topic between the British and Argentine people, who both lay claim to the island, despite Britain successfully defending the island in 1982. The host of Top Gear feared for his life during the controversy, and has to be the scariest moment for the team.

The hosts of the car show are known for causing controversy. One of the most famous episodes was when they drove through the southern American States with a range of homosexual and racial slurs against the people of the area. Richard Hammond had the worst of all three co-hosts, and they were forcefully told to leave. The second time they returned to the southern States, they were not allowed to film the majority of their antics.

This time, the three had rocks thrown at them as they fled the country. It was all over the number plate on one of the cars, which was “H982 FKL,” which was a reference to the Falklands War. However, it was all reportedly an innocent mistake. Clarkson and his co-hosts did not intentionally buy the Porsche that had that number plate for effect. They did not mean to start an argument over the islands.

The fight was taken back to their hotel room, where the three, including James May, were forced to hide under beds while the protesters searched for them. Many also took to social media to say that they were “wanted blood.” According to the car fanatic, one user wanted to barbecue the team so they could eat them.

Clarkson explained in an interview that he and his co-hosts were forced to flee Argentina after the Falklands controversy. However, once they realized the problem, they changed the number plate. It was too little too late, as many of the local people remembered the car and knew the people driving it.

This is the most terrified the sports car fan has been during all filming and travelling. He even said that Afghanistan and Iraq were nowhere near as scary as being in Argentina.

Many people blamed the Top Gear hosts for the problem. Fans of the show know that Clarkson, Hammond and May like to cause controversy anywhere they go. They like to see how far they can push people. However, the main presenter continues to claim that it really was all a coincidence. They would never intentionally buy a number plate, knowing how strong the feelings over the Falklands Island really are.

The presenter pointed out that many of the people who chased them out of the country were in their 20s. These were not people who had fought in the war. While they may have lost people, the attacks were more for political reasons, and that is not something he can support. He has accepted the apologies of those “sensible Argentinians.” It was a scary time for Clarkson, who had to flee Argentina over the unintended Falklands controversy.

By Alexandria Ingham


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