Gotham: The Balloonman (Recap and Review)

Gotham: The Balloonman (Recap and Review)

Episode three of Gotham, The Balloonman featured a vigilante who used weather balloons to punish the criminal element. At the beginning of the show, Oswald Cobblepot returns to the criminally active city to the news that Roger Danzer, a crooked financier was “out on bail” pending his trial. A balloonman, wearing a pig mask approaches Danzer and handcuffs him to a weather balloon. He releases it and the “crook” is lifted into the air screaming for help.

Jim Gordon and his partner Detective Bullock look at the cart and Harvey says the financier got what he deserved, although there is no body, and goes to get a danish. Gordon signs to take temporary custody of Selina Kyle and while waiting to go with the detective so she can show the detective her evidence, she steals Bullock’s watch.

Selina takes Gordon to the sewer where she dumped the wallet lifted off the Wayne’s killer. Jim handcuffs her while searching for the evidence. As he finds it, Kyle drops the cuffs down the manhole and gets away. Gordon realises that Selina was telling the truth all along. Fish Mooney gets a visit from Detective’s Montoya and Allen who are looking for Cobblepot. Mooney tells the two cops that Oswald is dead and that Jim Gordon killed him at the docks in Gotham.

Oswald gets spotted by a snitch who wants to sell the man to Fish Mooney but Cobblepot kills the man, robbing him and ordering a tuna sandwich from a meal truck. Before seeing the balloonman again in Gotham, Alfred and Bruce engage in a spot of sword fighting with canes until Wayne gets the better of his guardian/butler. It is the first time that the two actually seem to be having a bit of fun. Pennyworth finds the files that Bruce has about his parent’s murder and he tells the boy that Jim Gordon will get the killer.

Montoya and Allen visit Gordon to talk about killing Oswald Cobblepot and the detective angrily leaves. He talks to his partner and Bullock tells him to calm down that the two detectives “have nothing.” The next weather balloon victim is crooked Gotham cop Lt. Cranston who gets caught out without his friend Officer O’Brien.

Bruce Wayne reads in the Gotham Gazette the headline of “Balloonman Kills Dirty Cop” and Alfred asks why the boy is not eating. Detective Gordon tells his fiance that it is not fair that when the vigilante disposed of a con man no one cared, but when a cop got killed, everyone got on board to solve the crime.

Carl Smikers is the lead suspect and Bullock and Gordon hunt the man down. Oswald kills a dishwasher to get his shoes and job at the Italian restaurant and Bullock and Gordon track down Smikers. Fish Mooney’s lover warns her about what will happen if Falcone finds out she snitched on Gordon and the woman has him disposed of.

Montoya lets herself into Barbara’s apartment to accuse Gordon of murdering Oswald and Kean kicks her out. Smikers admits to stealing the weather balloons but not to killing anyone. The balloon thief explains that the men’s body will turn back up and Cranston’s body lands on a woman walking her dog. His body has an evidence bag with Jim Gordon’s name on it and the detective says he knows who the balloonman is.

The latest victim is a Bishop. Jim says that the vigilante is Davis Lamond and he and Bullock head to what they believe is the lair of the Balloonman. When the two Gotham detectives arrive Lamond grabs Bullock and puts a gun to his head. Harvey attaches Lamond to his last balloon and the vigilante almost suffers the fate of his victims. Falcone visits Mooney and while Bruce Wayne watches the news coverage about the vigilante a seed is planted in the future Batman’s head. Jim Gordon and Barbara talk about the state of Gotham and Oswald Cobblepot stops by for a visit. Previews of next week’s episode shows Jim is not happy that he has returned.

By Michael Smith



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