Robert Downey Jr. Will Star in ‘Iron Man 4’ With Mel Gibson

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Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. has said that he will star in Iron Man 4 as long as Mel Gibson is the one directing. He was promoting new movie The Judge, when he gave an interview about his future acting plans. The interview has surprised many, but made many Iron Man fans extremely happy.

During the interview, Downey Jr. explained that he had learned a lot from working with Gibson in 1990. The director has reportedly changed a lot since his previous outbursts. Those outbursts and erratic behavior reportedly prevented him from starring in the most recent Mad Max movie.

Many fans of the Iron Man and Avengers series worried when the actor playing the title character said he was not sure if he wanted to return. However, he did share the thoughts about standalone movies, and there was no mention about returning to any Avengers sequels. The interview had asked whether he would return if Gibson was part of it, and right away he admitted he would consider it. Gibson directing the Iron Man series would certainly add a new, crazy element to it.

The Iron Man series has made the actor one of the most fortunate ones in Hollywood, but it seems like the money is not on his mind right now. He wants to enjoy acting, especially when it comes to a franchise. That would be why Downey Jr. has said he would considering starring in Iron Man 4 with Gibson directing. There is no confirmation yet that the Australian actor is going to direct the movie.

The 49-year-old made $75 million from the third installment of the franchise, which was unusual. Hollywood states it comes from receiving less as an advance and more after the production of the movie. It shows how positive every was about how well the movie would do.

That was not the only conversation that the actor had with the interview. He spoke about his attitude while filming, which included trying to do a lot of his own stunts. Looking back, he admits that it was embarrassing considering his age. However, he constantly thought about his characters, including Tony Stark and Sherlock Holmes. He decided if they could do something, then so could he.

For now, Downey Jr. is focusing on his upcoming movie. He plays a hot shot lawyer who admits that innocent people are unable to afford his fees; suggesting that he only defends guilty people. He has to defend his own father, who is a judge and involved in a vehicle accident where someone dies. The movie is not just one that he is acting in, but has also had a part in producing. His production company with wife Susan has produced The Judge.

It is a very different movie role from recent years. It may be interesting for a number of fans of the actor to see him play a role that does not involve as much action. However, those who want to see him back in the action roles may not have to wait too long. Downey Jr. has stated that he may return to Iron Man 4 if Gibson is directing it.

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