Tiny Lister Exclusive Johnny Dynamo Season Two Interview (Update) [UPDATE]


Tiny Lister Exclusive Johnny Dynamo Season Two Interview

Our exclusive interview with Tiny Lister about his work on Johnny Dynamo season two is down below the trailer for the upcoming webseries. Enjoy.

It has been pointed out that Johnny Dynamo, is not opening on October 14 but sometime toward the end of the quarter when a definitive date is released the Guardian Liberty Voice will relay that information to our readers.

Tommy “Tiny” Lister took time out of his very busy schedule to speak to the Guardian Liberty Voice in an exclusive interview that covered season two of Johnny Dynamo, working with Joe Thomas and Terry Kiser, acting, The Fifth Element , being a role model and of course, “You have 20 seconds.” The 56 year old former basketball player, professional wrestler and actor has 183 credits under his belt and has played some very intimidating characters on celluloid. At 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighing in at approximately 300 pounds, producers and directors would not want to hire Tiny to play a shrinking violet type.

Apart from being one of the biggest character actors in Hollywood right now, Mr. Lister can be listed as one of the busiest. On top of his recent portrayal of tough family man Mo Lotto on the web series Johnny Dynamo, Tiny is definitely in demand. Filming The Body Sculptor and working again with Joe Thomas, Terry Kiser and Sarah Shoemaker – all from the show he just finished and he will start filming in November around Albuquerque, New Mexico for the film Money Is King. These are just some of the film jobs Lister is working on, or signed up for.

When we rang Tiny, he had just signed up to be the official spokesperson for the “Forever Faith” clothing line. The new line is for sportswear whose catchphrase is “A clothing line with a purpose.” He and Abraham “Abe” Cruz had just signed papers and were waiting for the ink to dry, and before the exclusive interview about his work on season two of Johnny Dynamo Tiny Lister talked about being a positive role model for youngsters. Mr. Lister revealed that he liked to pass on to the young person who wanted to be the next “Mo Lotto” or head gang banger, that they needed to stretch further and perhaps look at being the president in a $100 million dollar film like The Fifth Element.

Lister has worked with some of the biggest names in showbusiness, Sir Ian Holm, Bruce Willis, Terry Kiser, Andy Garcia, Christopher Walken, Tupac Shakur and the list goes on getting ever more impressive. Tiny spoke of talking to young people and explaining the difference between playing drug dealers, pimps, and mobsters and aiming to be the real article. Lister puts emphasis on positivity and belief in oneself, this combined with the attitude of giving something back makes Tiny a positive role model that young men and boys can aspire to.

After talking about the new clothing line, Tiny spoke of playing Mo Lotto, who is a family man who will “put hands on you” if you misbehave and working with Terry Kiser who played a member of organized crime in the Johnny Dynamo web series. It was obvious that the two professional performers really enjoyed working together in the show as both men had nothing but praise for the other.

Tiny explained that working on the Johnny Dynamo series was a great experience and one that went smoothly and was executed “cleanly.” Talking about working on a YouTube series Lister said that the secret of working on any project, whether it was a smaller feature or not, was the quality of the team. According to The Dark Knight actor working with Thomas and Kiser was a brilliant experience and he felt like he was with family on the set. He also said that he was “tickled pink” to be working again with Joe, Terry and the gang on The Body Sculptor.

Mr. Lister talked about the second season of the web series, which is about a once famous “washed up” actor who has been given a second chance and the introduction of Terry’s and his new characters. He went on to say that the new season, with such a great character actor on board was going to be the main course with the first season being the appetizer. Tiny also joked that Terry Kiser played his mob boss role so well that he asked his fellow actor if he was not really connected. While going over his upcoming projects, Tiny revealed that he was busy because of what he had learned about “the grind” from certain rap stars and entrepreneurs like Ice Cube, Ice Tea, Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg. The philosophy of “rest when you’re dead,” applies to everything Lister works on.

Towards the end of the exclusive interview, Tiny Lister veered away from the subject of season two of Johnny Dynamo, prompted by the interviewer, to talk about The Fifth Element and “You have 20 seconds.” Lister then had a message for President Obama about who was first to sit in the presidential seat. Tiny said that the first black president was his President Lindberg in the 1997 Luc Besson science fiction film. He went on to name the five other black actors who were president before Barack Obama; after this entertaining note, Tiny had a message for his fans, he loves their support and the love they have shown him. Mr. Lister wanted them to all know that he reciprocates their affection wholeheartedly. Johnny Dynamo season two begins on October 14, with new cast members Tiny Lister and Terry Kiser, get ready for the main course.

By Michael Smith



Interview Tommy “Tiny” Lister October, 6 2014


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