Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake Expecting Baby?

Jessica Biel

Are Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake expecting their first baby? It appears that the two are trying to hide a mini baby bump. Of course, the bump could have just been a “food baby,” which can give the appearance of pregnancy.

According to Sydney Morning Herald, an unnamed source has confirmed the pregnancy, going as far as saying that Biel is currently three months pregnant. The two will become parents around April, which is the same time as the British Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

The two just recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary. As part of the celebrations, they made their Instagram relationship official by sharing a photo of the two of them. They were on holiday in New Zealand at the time.

According to friends, the Blade actress has struggled with fertility issues. She has reportedly had problems getting pregnant, and has decided to remain quiet about her current pregnancy. Right now, she does not want to confirm anything with the media, possibly fearing that something will go wrong.

It could also be that the two want this to be a personal and private matter. A number of celebrities go through pregnancies without confirming it with the media. Scarlet Johansson recently gave birth to a baby girl without ever confirming her pregnancy with the media. She let her bump do all the talking. Mila Kunis took months to finally confirm her pregnancy with the media.

Some speculation into Biel and Timberlake expecting a baby comes from the type of accessories the 32-year-old is using. She is trying to distract people through the use of clothing and various accessories. One recent option was to wear a larger scarf while shopping with her friends to hide the bump.

Other friends have commented on her physique, which is usually toned and sporty. Biel has reportedly softened over the last few months, as her body changes to accommodate a growing baby.

This is not the first time she and Friends With Benefits star Timberlake have been involved in celebrity rumors. Just last year, there were rumors that the two were splitting up due to Timberlake’s cheating. She also seemed to stop supporting his career by not turning up to gigs or parties with him.

They refused to bite on the rumors, and let their various public sightings and social media updates do all the talking. The two are very private people when it comes to their relationship, and only share when they really want to. If they ever want to share their baby plans, they will do it in their own time.

Their most recent social media update from around their anniversary is now riddled with comments wishing them congratulations for their baby. Neither has responded to any of the comments, including pointing out that they are not expecting a baby. This has led to more speculation. If they were not expecting a baby, why would they not correct people on that thought?

This will be the first child for both of them. Biel and Timberlake may be expecting their first baby together, and could be due in April 2015.

By Alexandria Ingham


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