Jimmy Fallon and Brad Pitt Epic Break Dance Competition [Video]

Jimmy Fallon, Brad Pitt

Jimmy Fallon takes dancing with the stars to a new level in this epic dance off with Brad Pitt in the style of break dancing. Set up old school in a basement, or maybe a garage, the cardboard is down and the dancing begins. Pitt is one of Hollywood’s hottest leading men, and being married to Angelina Jolie keeps him in the tabloids on a regular basis.

America’s heart-throb has captured the hearts of women and men alike all over the world, for his stellar performances in such films as Fight Club, Money Ball and Oceans Eleven. The 50-year-old actor has been acting and staring in TV shows since the 1960’s from daytime soap opera’s such as Another World and the prime time soap, Dallas, where he had a recurring role as Randy. His fame really took off after a bit role in the hit film Thelma and Louise in 1991. He played a small part of a two bit criminal who seduced and conned Geena Davis’s character. Like most stars of his caliber, there are a couple of films in the early parts of their careers that did not take off, and would be better left unsaid.

Fallon takes on the film icon in an amusing and entertaining skit where an unexpected dance off ensues and the crazy moves are transformed into a comical conversation. Fans of the Tonight Show, were in for a treat with this unexpected bit, as the talk show hosts style includes many dance skits with various stars, as well as numerous musical numbers. However this dancing conversation is a newly added bit to the funny mans arsenal. The talent of the host seems to know no bounds, and every night there is something new and innovating in this comedians repertoire.

Brad Pitt is already receiving critical acclaim for his newest movie, Fury, and Fallon works that into this break dance conversation as well. The film is set in 1945 and stars Pitt as an Army sergeant known as Wardaddy, who runs a crew of five behind enemy lines during the war. It is action packed, and the relationship of this hardened war hero with a rookie on his team, keep the viewers rapt attention. What better way to promote a new movie than to perform epic moves in place of words. Fans of both Pitt and Fallon will enjoy the video below for its uniqueness and the look into another side of the Emmy winning performer.

After the show, Pitt went on to the premiere of the movie while in New York, with Shia La Beouf and Logan Lerman the co-stars of the film. In keeping with La Beouf’s trend of strangeness of late, he admitted that he and Pitt bonded over a fist fight, stating that fighting for guys is an intimate way of bonding. He goes on to state that this did indeed bonded the two actors, and whatever the story, the reviews for this film are already nothing but good for all the stars. Fallon has done it again if the number of hits on this video are any indication with over 100,000 hits in just one day.

by Kristi Cereska

Daily Mail
US Weekly

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